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  1. thumper665

    Cool game!

  2. I happen to like Lasagna.
  3. thumper665

    What do you think of this coolant?

    Engine Ice is the only way to go.IMO:thumbsup:
  4. thumper665

    Jetting D-Base for YZ/WR 250F

  5. thumper665

    Jetting D-Base for YZ/WR 250F

    i was wondering if someone could tell me which fuel screw i need for my 2006 yz250f?is it the fms01,or fms02.
  6. thumper665

    Recall confusion again

    I have been reading all the post and have not seen an answer to my question yet, so here it is. My sons vin on his bike is JH2KE03CX7 K001100 which from what I have read is fine (confusion part), but aren't all the 150 engines made the same regardless of vin number. Please help if you can. Thanx.
  7. thumper665


    i currently have a 2006yz250f,and i just moved to mocksville north carolina about 5 months ago,ive only ridden the bike about 6 times 3 since ive been to north carolina.i was wondering what jetting you guys are running around the tri-ad area?my current settings are,(1)Main Jet-178,(2)jet needle clip position#3,(3)Piolt Jet-#42,(4)Leak Jet-#80.i was told too try a 45/48 pilot,needle clip position #4and a number 40Leak jet.does this sound right? or should i try a #60 leak jet?any help would be appreciated.
  8. thumper665

    2006 YZ250f ?

    ok,ill give that a try.thanks for the info.
  9. ok,heres my question,i just recently moved from arizona to north carolina and ive only ridden my bike about 4-5 times total.i seem to be having trouble with my bike not wanting to idle,everything is stock on the bike.any info on jetting for the piedmont-triad area would be greatly appreciated.here are my current settings. (1)main jet-178 (2) jet needle clip position#3 (3)pilot jet-#42 (4)leak jet-#80.
  10. thumper665

    the 07 specs

    i also think the white looks sweet, but i bet it would look like crap pretty quickly. i currently have the 06 model and love it.what i was wondering is with the changes they make every year to the bike why don't they put a good quality sprocket and chain on?
  11. thumper665

    mx tracks

    hi all,i was just wondering if their are any tracks near mocksville north Carolina? i will be moving there at the end of the month. and also how is the riding down there in north Carolina? i currently live in Arizona.any info would be greatly appreciated.
  12. thumper665

    Boyseen Quickshot Is.....

    i had one on my 03 YZ450 and loved it.i was thinking of putting one on my 06 250f.i had a little bog on my 03 450 once i put that on,no bog what so ever.
  13. thumper665

    Another 06 Blows to pieces!

    damn this sucks,hearing of the problems with the valves. i purchased a 06 yz250f at the beginning of January and only have about 5-8 hours on it now I'm wondering if mine is gonna hold up? so after reading all of these posts i decided to call my local dealer to find out if he has had to repair any.he told me he had to replace one set of valves,and one motor.my dealer told me to contact Yamaha customer service and ask about the problem,so i did, when i asked if there was any recall on the 250S he said no.but did tell me to call back on Monday and i could talk to one of there parts specialists.i told the sales guy that i was moving out of state at the end of the month and wanted the problem fixed by my local dealer instead of a dealer I'm not familiar with.so i guess ill call back Monday.if there is a problem i don't think i should have to pay for this.my damn warranty was only good for 30 days.
  14. thumper665

    250f and 450f top speed and hp

    yes,that is what i was thinking.who f cares what the top speed is.