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  1. rideordie450

    `06 yfz 450 slower than 04-05

    Im going to have to agree, i own an 04 and i have yet to be beet, by anything, My best friend baught the 06 bill balance edition and i eat it up, i guess i cant speak though, mine has looney toon headers, with dual exhaust, k-9 air filter gear work, jetted and aftermarker sprockets with an after market cooling system, i guess its pretty hard to beat that... But still, my 04 has alot more torque than his 06, he is jealous because he payed double what i paid as mine was used.
  2. rideordie450

    Yamaha Dual exhaust on my yfz

    I just purchased a yfz last thursdayfor 4500, its an 04 with dual exhaust on it, its the looney toon headers and exhaust, with a jet kit and maybe some gearing and sprocket changes, im not sure of all of whats done to it, i was just wondering if anyone else has this dual exhaust system on their quad..