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  1. Joiner

    stumped again

    sure didn't
  2. Joiner

    stumped again

    yea that's where im def. going to start....im really worried though...that oil was really green....never encountered this prob....bike still runs great though
  3. Joiner

    stumped again

    yea i changed the engine oil and it looked ok....just dirty......but when i pulled the trans drain plug(the one behind the shifter) i instantly noticed green.... so can the coolant get into the tranny via faulty w.p. seals?
  4. Joiner

    stumped again

    ok...after today's first post....I did some more checks on my 06 450 to see why i've got coolant in my tranny.....im not getting any fluid out of the water pump weep whole....but the tranny fluid was pretty green...... couple of guys where telling me either head gasket or piston rings..... I hate to say it but ive never replaced the piston or rings since i got it.... if any one out there has some light....please shed it on me!!! thanx dudes
  5. Joiner

    coolant in tranny oil

    sounds good...hey i just saw a thread and somebody said that it may be a blown headgasket????? Im not getting an fluid out of the weep whole down by the water pump. Just out of the rad overflow tube and in the tranny oil........any thoughts?
  6. Joiner

    coolant in tranny oil

    cool thanx.....any input on how to tell if the impeller is in working order?
  7. Joiner

    coolant in tranny oil

    hey guys...so i've been losing coolant out of the overflow tube for some time now (more than usual). I went to change the tranny fluid and saw that it was milky green. After reading other posts I think i've got a sealing issue in the water pump. Here is where i need some opinions. Should i replace the water pump seal, oil seal, bearing and the shaft? Or just the seals? I was told that the shaft maybe worn down due to the seal malfunction. Is it better to just spend the money and do it now? Also, the left radiator is bent due to a nice biff in the dirt. No bent fins or obvious leaks that can be seen. I'm going to do it but should i replace it? could this be causing the sealing issue or excessive coolant lose? thanx for the input !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Joiner

    air filter oooops!

    kool...yea i did that and it seems to be fine....rode today and the only thing that wasnt normal was the smell...dumb question but do you know if the fuel/air mixture would change the smell??.....i need to do some fine tuning in that area too....its gettin cold where i live thanx a lot bud
  9. hey guys ive got a question for ya! i went to clean my airfilter the other day and when i got into the airbox......hey what do you know....the filter had come unscrewed!!!! the filter was still in its place but nothing holding it there....this was just after a nice day of riding in the dusty desert......bike still runs like a champ is there anything special i should do other than pray it didnt mess anything up? thanx