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  1. I went through this same drill trying to get the end cap off my yz about a year ago. I vaguely remember spraying carb cleaner on the adhesive to soften it up and a rubber mallet to tap the end cap back and forth until it came loose. It eventually came out in one piece. Steve
  2. A buddy of mine who is a mechanic told me they charge about 3 hours labor to install an Athena kit. To OP - what part of California are you in? Steve
  3. I agree with 5.9. I have an '06 yz250f and got to the point where I felt I needed more power. I picked up an '06 yz450f but it was way too much at first. After doing some suspension work the 450 is better but I think the 250 is still more fun. If I had to do it over again I'd probably get an Athena kit for the 250. Steve
  4. The nut on mine wasn't tight. I was able to take it off with my fingers. I have rubber covers for the jaws on my vise so that would have been plan B. You could always wrap the rod in a rag before lightly clamping it in a vise but you have to be very careful not to nick the rod. Steve
  5. You will need to take the nut off the bottom end of the rod and push the rod up into the cartridge until it comes out. Steve
  6. I have the Omega brace with a Zero7 chest protector. They work great together , I can hardly tell the brace is on.
  7. I have had the Flatland braces on a couple bikes. They are bulletproof and the installation was easy. Steve
  8. Does anybody know the dimensions of the dowel? Is it just a press fit on the end of the spring? I'd hate to have it fall off... Steve
  9. Pm sent.