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  1. Pre running of the start/finish section is allowed in the outbound direction only on the day before the race. Nothing has changed as this is the same as it has been for a number of years now. Use detours at your own risk of getting dinged. Not a good idea if you are actually racing for position/points. I don't understand the fear of the night start, there has plenty of finishing in the dark with the excact same lack of choppers and airborne medical support.
  2. Chilly, your statement of you can't fly at night in Mexico is wrong. Technically the issue is you can't land in Mexico at night while under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). If you take off before dark, you can fly VFR at night all you want, but you have to cross back to the USA to land. Most of the airports close at dark and putting your plane down at night at a closed airport will cost you your plane. Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) is allowed at night in Mexico, however IFR doesn't allow for the type of flying used to support off road racing except under special conditions. A good example of flying at night over Baja is when "Weatherman" flies at night supporting the 1000 when running to La Paz or Cabo. Special accommodations are made to keep the airport at Loreto open so the plane can be re-fueled. The special accomodations that allow Weatherman to do this are paid for by the owner of one of the car teams. All that being said, being able to fly air support for bikes at night is not going to possible.
  3. Rally de Motos? Really???? Stage racing?? NORRA already does stage racing to Cabo every year, why are the bike entries so low? Rally could NEVER replace a run to La Paz in my mind because racing the Baja 1000 means through the night. When do the cages catch the bikes?? I've seen it happen in the first 100 miles!!!!
  4. The 2013 Baja 500 pre-entries had 37 Trophy Trucks, the largest class in the field. Second to that was Class 10 with 22 entries and Class 1 was 3rd with 21 entries. Both TT & Class 1 pay the same level 1 entry fee. Class 10 pays a level 2 entry fee. Please name a year and the riders of anything other than a "full on pro bike" that has ever won. Corporate sponsors are the pure profit for SCORE including BF Goodrich, Tecate etc. There have been plenty of car mfgrs. who have in the past been corporate sponsors, I don't remember any bike companies stepping up to the plate. I've been involved since the late 60's and I don't remember the bikes EVER having more entries than the trucks/buggies/beer belly rich guy/wanna be's. Instead of whining about Trophy Trucks, something should be done about Sportsman bikes that would make the classes both stronger (larger) and safer. Other classes with SCORE have made big changes and come a long way. The winning Class 10 car had to pass 1/2 of the Trophy Trucks and work his way through all but 3 Class 1 cars and that's gnarly.
  5. Credentials for bikes only? What about class 11 or the side by sides??? Trophy Truck drivers have no credentials. You can't do it for select classes.
  6. Funny, your statement leaves me wondering who is ignorant.Racing in Baja has always had hazards associated with theft and less than honest people. Race bikes, race cars, and chase trucks have been stolen and broken into. People have been robbed at gun point in Baja long before I started going down in 1969. There are reasons to take precautions like not leaving unattended belongings in the back of your truck, just like there are reasons why you don't pre-run alone. I know a guy who while staying at Estero Beach had his chase truck and enclosed trailer with a class 1 car in it stolen. And he was parked inside the gate with a guard. Do you suppose going to SCORE/Sal/Oscar in addition to the police would change anything while he was staying at Estero????? Do you suppose Robby Gordon and the other teams that continue to stay at Estero know what happened??? Of course they do. I stay with the big Trophy Truck teams at the Coral Marina Hotel, do you have any idea how much stuff get jacked from the guarded parking lots there??? If SCORE was to list all of the places people have had stuff stolen from....well it would be pretty F'n long and just may include most of Ensenada. Hell, people have been robbed by the "police" in TJ and I'm not talking about a simple "paying the Devil" as the locals call it.
  7. Nothing wrong with a night start, but his medical support reasons were out of left field.
  8. Wait.......what? Night brings hospitals closer??? Someone needs to tell Roger that you can't medi-vac at night in Baja. What a moroon.
  9. Funny, that's exactly what the cars guys have been saying about these numbnuts for years, but everyone kept thinking it was the car guy's simply hating on the bikes.
  10. Cracker1's post seems to indicate that they talked to Oscar and to Roger. SCORE is not law enforcement they are simply a race promoter. Did a lack of warning people after this incedent cause someone else to get their bike stolen/robbed/killed in the wash? Having a bike stolen while prerunning is nothing new, wasn't it that Johnny Campbell himself not only got his bike taken away from him, but his riding clothes too??? Don't get me wrong, what happened was an example of the the worst low life scum that human nature has to offer. But to me, getting upset at the promoter is misguided especially because thte local law enforcement did appear to be responsive.
  11. I was asking what was the result of the Pros having to pass the Sporties (which everyone knew was going to occur). Sounds like it wasn't that big of a deal after all as there hasn't been any race changing incedents brought to light by any of the pro teams. Seven miles in the silt hills were removed from the start (for all competitors) in order to avoid bottle neck peoblems with the cars, a smart move on SCORE's part. If that was a big portion of your race, you need to sign up for a bigger portion!
  12. Sorry, I was busy chasing a car on race day and wasn't able to follow how this all sorted. When we got to Santo Thomas no bike had come through yet and by the time we got below Camalu all but a few had passed already. So wat was the end result??? Someone was trying to tell me that in addition to the shortened Sporty course, SCORE started the Sporties before the Pros. Really?
  13. Sux he lost the scooter, but glad no one got hurt. Just wondering exactly what you would want or expect SCORE/ Roger Norman to do so I can under stand why you would be upset with them.
  14. Racing in Baja has and will continue to evolve. Baja it self is changing rapidly and the rate of change is exponential. Many forget that even Sal fought for passage through private property back in the 70's. I remember one race where the matriarch of Melling Ranch; Ada Melling had the gate between Mike's and Coyote "hard wired" closed the night before one 500 (she was pissed that pre-runners had left the gat open and the cows got out). Mike Leone used to be instrumental in gaining access through ranchos in the north. There is more and more private and Ejido property no longer being available to race on. The days of racing through the "pine forest"/Laguna Hanson are long gone. Limited access to "open" land will continue to cause SCORE to "morph" into a less "adventurious" race in the wild remote Baja of the past and more into same ole blando. Classes raced in SCORE will also continue to change. Class 2 (2 seat unlimited) is gone, the sedan class is gone, class 5 is almost gone, class 11 is all but gone, anyone remember class 9?? From 1967 to 1971 there were 2 bike classes; class 7 and class 8. By 1975 there were 3 bike classes all based on displacement; class 20, 21, & 22. In 1976 a vet class (class 38) was added. 1980 introduced the 3 wheeled ATC class (later called class 43). The Trophy Truck class was brought about so the big factory teams would have a place where unlimited funds could develop new technologies and leave Class 1 and Class 8 to the independent/privateer racers. Now there isn't a single factory TT team, and it has become the playground for the Uber Rich. Class 8 instead of developing has all but died off. Even "Sided by sides" (aka: golfcarts) have a class now (somebody shoot me). Everyone wants off road racing to draw more sponsors and more money with more racers. What you really get is more "bucket listers" and "Dust to Gloryites". Scotty, people have been crashing while pre-running forever. I can remember while pre-running in a class 5 car back in the late 70's coming across a father son pre-running on bikes (Pro bike entry) the son had biffed and broken his leg up in the pine forest. We put the injured rider in the car and I was elected to ride his bent bike in tennis shoes and no helmet following them back to the hospital in Ensenada.