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  1. The Z position helps reduce arm strain when under constant heavy acceleration out of corners while standing. Also, timely fore and aft weight transfer is key. Ride a gear high to reduce acceleration out of corners. Seated is a great way to add grip to the bike reducing arm strain. And last but not least - twist the throttle less, less closed and less open e.g. more constant. Brake less, moderate your power, and raise your corner speed.
  2. salgeek

    Fighting off boredom...

    I might try a several things that have worked for me: 1) ride less... to the point... that you are just "dying" to ride. 2) work on some specific skills/areas where you are less proficient. 3) watch "on any sunday"
  3. salgeek

    Rear brake while standing

    Practice. Lower the pedal a bit. Move foot forward a bit. Organic pads instead of semi-metallic. learn the feel of lock vs. careful modulation - best on flat ground with not obstacles. come up with some braking drills and do them every time you ride. You have to be balanced standing to be able to apply the rear brake the way you want - so work on doing balanced stands on your bike.
  4. salgeek

    tips to help maintain focus on race

    + 1 on the ride harder suggestion. Look further ahead. Practice ride with intense focus.
  5. salgeek

    off camber grassy turns technique?

    I may be way off base but if you lean forward [big] you can control the rear end from spinning out.
  6. salgeek

    handle bar question

    Renthal Fat Bars Mini High Bend 29.13" They solved the problem for me. Yes they are strong. Tag makes the same bar. Pro-Taper makes a mini bar [high and low] too, but the width is about 1" wider, Both have a lower rise than the Renthal.
  7. salgeek

    Shoulder fatigue

    The following cause my shoulders to hurt in Enduros: - steering with my arms too much. The happens for several reasons. 1) steering while seated. 2) conditioning off. 3) bar rise too high. The following cause my shoulders to hurt in Harescrambles: - rough track 1) not in the Z position enough in the rough stuff [see Ryno Factor - Ryan Hughes for Z position defn.] 2) need to loosen up and stop gripping the bars so tight. 3) suspension not compliant enough.
  8. salgeek

    pivot log cross?

    At first, try it just like the last take of the video. Pull up parallel and close to the log [As you gain confidence try it with the front wheel at the log and the rear at a 5 degree angle then try 10 degrees]. Stop. Put your foot on the log. Cover the rear brake. Feather the clutch out while increasing revs a little. Don't over do it. Lift and swing the front wheel to the side over the log. If the front comes up to far control it from looping out by hitting the rear brake. As you improve - put all the steps together at an increased pace. As you feel comfortable with the method where you stop next to the log. Work up to trying the following: While standing approach the log at speed pulling up parallel and close to the log [later with the rear 5 and 10 degrees away from the log]. Hit the brakes hard with heavy bias on the front. Use the rebound of the front end to begin the loft of the front end. Continue to cover the rear brake. Feather the clutch out while increasing revs a little. Don't over do it. And swing the front wheel to the side over the log. At the same time your foot will drop to the log as the bike's front end falls from vertical towards the log. If the front comes up to far control it from looping out by hitting the rear brake. The point of doing it this way is that it will take less energy to loft the front wheel because you are using the energy of the compressed forks to loft the front wheel. Keep doing this approaching the log at a higher rate of speed requiring more front braking - this will make the move even easier because less throttle is require to loft the wheel and your momentum will carry you over the top of the log. As the speed of your approaches increases, and your control improves it will become obvious that you do not need... nor will you want to put your foot on the log. At the end of the day you need to be able to do either of the three variations of the move to handle logs. Hope this helps.
  9. salgeek

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    '68 Honda 50 Mini Trail. Hope to have another 30+ seasons left.
  10. Same thing would happen to my son skiing when he was younger. I found if I fed him an energy bar just when I noticed he was starting to wane it made all the difference. Hope this helps.
  11. salgeek

    Husky/BMW still a possibility?

    I think BMW will buy Husky. I think they are worried that KTM will continue to give them fits in the US and Europe. Could Husky part's distribution for the US in 2006 be any worse?? I'll answer my own question - yes It could be like Gas Gas. LOL
  12. salgeek

    KX100 Questions

    Anyone know of an alternative to the recommended plug that is NOT so expensive? Is the stock jetting good for trail riding? Just trying to get a sense of which jets I should put in the toolbox. Thanks - sal
  13. salgeek

    KX100 Questions

    Double post - please ignore
  14. salgeek

    LED tail ran off battery??

    I'm interested in your setup for the KX. Where did you get the lighting coil from? Which make and model of headlight are you running and does it accommodate the front brake line? Thanks.