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  1. I have a 2006 yz450f and it wont stop backfiring, i am under 3000 ft. elevation. ive changed the main jet numerous times, and ive tried all the sizes and messed with the air screw, and it still back fires, someone had said to put a bigger pilot jet in it, do you think that might help.. any info will be aprciated.. thanks
  2. Zacho800

    06 yamaha 450f

    sry at the top i said brand new 2004 yz450 i meant a 2006, Dave carr414 what elevation do u ride at. im below 3000, i bought an fmf jet kit and put the 170 main jet in and lowered the clip on the needle and the back firing is better, u cant here it when im riding with other people but i was just wondering, if you think the 48 pilot jet would work for me.. thanks
  3. i just got a brand new 2004 yamaha yz450f and it starts and idles fine, then when i start riding it when i let off the gas it back fires. do u think i need to change the jetting?