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  1. What kind of riding we talkin bout here, mx? trails? I live in north Charlotte near Harrisburg.
  2. You can check Matthews fun machines also. I've dealt with them for over 5 years now with no complaints
  3. Me and Dover head up there or brushy fairly often. I'll hit you up next time we go.
  4. NorthCarolina

    Dang iPhone won't play the video. Gotta find me a wifi signal for my laptop so I can check it out.
  5. NorthCarolina

    Works great for me. I think dover's problem is he has a short circuit between the seat and keyboard. Nice bid btw!
  6. Charlotte, NC here riding a 08 rappy 700. Haven't rode it much since i got it a few months ago.
  7. If you can get the wheels off the ground see if they wheel turn by hand. Might be a broken axle.
  8. Here's my 08 rappy 700. First ones are right after i got it and the clean ones are after adding some nerfs and a bumper.
  9. I really enjoy riding there and don't exactly like a price increase but can't cplain about it cause it's still cheaper than any other place around. Even though they don't groom the trails at brown they are still in better shap than CAW 90% of the time.
  10. Yeah for the most part the trails we rode were in good shape. There was a section on trail 6 that was pretty bad. We rode 4 all the way around and it was in good shape. The quad was tons of fun on the oval they have but i'll stick to the crf for the trails.
  11. Anyone been to CAW this weekend can give an update on trail conditions. I'd like to take the new quad down there to ride some but don't want to deal with the deep ruts as its a sport quad. Thinking of going down tomorrow or tuesday.
  12. Jay i thought you said you liked to skip fourplay?
  13. Yeah i figured you just skipped right over that part.
  14. Next weekend will be the first weekend in April.