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  1. schmizzelfritz

    Trade my DRZ400S for a DR650

    to bad you dont live up in the northwest. i have an 05 DR650 and I would probably trade with you. bike looks nice, you shouldn't have any problem getting rid of it.
  2. schmizzelfritz

    automatic clutch

    I dont know how interested you all are to get a Automatic clutch on your bikes but if you co to www.revloc.com they have an automatic clutch for the DRZ400. for all the DR650 riders like me, write them an email and tell them you would like to see one. they say that if they get enough demand for a specific bike then they will build it. so if your interested then go to their website and let them know you want one. I rode my friends KTM with one of them installed and it is an absolutely AWESOME!! I would love to put on on my 650 but no one makes one yet. Go forward DR650 soldiers make us a market demand. lol. If we write them they will build it.
  3. schmizzelfritz

    automatic clutch for DR650

    I am looking into getting an automatic clutch for my 05 DR650. A friend has a KTM that he put the clutch into and it is AWSOME! I am wondering if anyone has put one in their bike and if so do they know where to get one?
  4. schmizzelfritz

    DR650 two bros. exhaust

    hubbardpaul, what part of washington you from? I am near Ft. Lewis.
  5. schmizzelfritz

    DR650 two bros. exhaust

    hey how do you like your 2 bros pipe? I am torn between the supertrapp, FMF, and the 2 bros. tying to decide.
  6. schmizzelfritz

    skid plate - clamping question

    hey WYBS. I was looking at your mountain bike rack you got on your bike. good idea but keep one thing in mind. with that bike hanging way off the end like that there is a lot of leverage put on your frame. simple vibrations and rough roads might cause you to break the back end of your frame. just a thought. be carefull with that one.
  7. schmizzelfritz

    off road ride today

    by looking at the pic of your skid plate that tells me that you made a very worthwhile investement. imagine what would of happened if you didn't have it. i know my skid plate has saved me multiple times.
  8. schmizzelfritz

    jet kit help!!!

    I have taken my 05 650 apart multiple times and the first time i found the hose between the airbox and the carb is a pain. here is the trick i have learned about that. with the top cut off it works even better. take out your filter completely. put the hose on the carb first. make sure the divot on the hose and the key on the carb line up. then reach inside your airbox and you can very easily guide the hose onto the airbox with your fingers. now it only takes seconds to put that thing on. I used a dremel to cut out my airbox, took me all of 10 minutes to accomplish the task. I am at 700 feet and i used the 160 main jet and clip at 4th groove on the needle. 14 tooth front sprocket and i have a drastic improvement in performance even with the stock exhaust. 2 brothers exhaust is next.
  9. schmizzelfritz

    DR650 smog kit

    do they make a smog kit for the DR650. I know with the XR650L there is a kit to remove all the smog stuff but on the DR650 I have been told it is internal in the carb. has anyone heard of anything out there to remove the smog reducing stuff on this bike?
  10. schmizzelfritz

    DR 650 tire recommendations?

    pirelli MT21s are what I use. work great offroad and give good traction on road. I will never use anything else. there is my advise.
  11. schmizzelfritz

    Pumper carb on DR650

    has anyone put a flat plate pumper carb on a DR650? I was thinking about puting one on my 05 and curious about how much they cost? any ideas?
  12. schmizzelfritz

    DR650 height

    thats another one of my mods I plan to do when I have more money. figure im gonna dump right around 1400 into it to get all the mods I want. the spacers and all are working fine for now but I do plan to eventually put new springs on it.
  13. schmizzelfritz

    DR650 height

    I just used the stock springs. I put spacers in the front forks to pre load the springs. stiffen them up a little and it wont sag as much when im on it therefore it is a little taller. just tightend up the back spring to make it sag a little less with me on it. It is now about an inch taller than it was with me on it.
  14. schmizzelfritz

    DR650 height

    I have a 2005 DR650 and I am wondering if there is any way to make my bike taller. it is great on the street but at 6 feet tall when i get in the tight trails my foot hits the ground to early for the tight switchbacks. I have tightened up the suspension to get 3 inches of sag at the rear wheel with me on it and I have put spacers in the front forks to tighten it up a little. it got higher but I would like to make it another inch or so higher. any ideas?
  15. schmizzelfritz

    Where's the power?

    i have n 05 DR650 and my buddy just bought an 06 XR650L. both bikes stock. we both took off side by side and the front wheels didnt touch the ground until midway through 2nd gear on both bikes. we went up to 90MPH both wide open and we were side by side. so, if your buying a japanese bike they are almost perfecty even in a drag race. off road, different story.