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    Battery charging

    Hey guys, I have a 2012 KTM 500 XCW, and just tonight I attached a "dellron battery tender junior" trickle charger to my bike. I did not disconnect the positive or negative cables, as soon as I plugged in the charger I immediately heard a sound (of which is obviously now my fuel pump cycling) about every 5-10 seconds or so. It is my first time using a trickle charger so I wasn't sure what the sound was. I was curious, so about an hour later I went to check on the bike and the sound was still happening and there was a pool of gasoline under my bike about 24" in diameter. What the eff?? I bet there is a good half litre or more of fuel on the floor (a quart I am guessing for you USA guys!!) After reading these posts I see that no one else has seen a fuel spillage like I have. It really was only about 1 hour before I checked on it. I unplugged charger and disconnected both of the bikes battery leads. My "30 years plus a year or two!!" of riding and doing my own repairs/maintenance on dirt bikes is telling me that my cylinder and possibly my transmission case is completely flooded with gasoline and being forced out the transmission vent, I am pretty sure that the 2012 crankcase and transmission compartments are one and the same..... If not, then where is the fuel leaking out of?.. Does anyone have any ideas just what the eff is going on?? I will obviously drain the tranny and pull the spark plug in the spring before starting, but for now it is tucked away in the shed....... Any thoughts would be appreciated. One other note......I have at least 3-4 buddies with KTM 350 EFI bikes that have been using trickle chargers for the last few years, and they have no problems. I wonder if it only an issue on the first year of EFI like my bike (2012). Again, any smart KTM guys out there?? Please enlighten me!! Shit... sorry guys, but I am pretty sure my 2012 does share the engine and tranny oil compartments. My 2008 KTM 530 XCR-W were separate for sure. Thanks Chris from Alberta Canada EH!!
  2. A friends kid bought a used 2008 CRF 150 and went track riding with us today. Bike ran great all day until after a 15 minute rest for water break, then the bike could not be kickstarted. It seemed to me like the auto decompression system failed. It kicks freely until top dead centre, then it is like kicking over a shaved head high compression KX 500!! why would this happen? Are the CRF 150s prone to valve clearance issues like the early CRF 450s? Normally on the 450s they would get hot and just not start, this is different, the kickstarter is 10 times harder to cycle at TDC. Yes there is oil in it and, and no, the bike did not seem sluggish before he stopped, so I don't think it is a crank or piston seizure. Please advise.
  3. chiknlikr

    2014 KX 100 jetting

    has anyone experimented with jetting for the new 100?
  4. chiknlikr

    2013 200 Xc-200

    I must also comment on the brakes comment from the last guys post. The front brake on the 200 is insane! Use with caution. I never had a problem with the rear brake on the 200, but the front brake on my 200 is lethal! And many of my riding friends that rode the 200 also commented on the power of the front brake.I guess its not hard to figure out, the bike weighs 208 lbs dry and has same brakes as the 4 strokes in the rest of the KTM fleet of heavier 4 strokes. But I guess a 240 lb dude on a 214 lb bike will make the front brake a bit twitchy haha.
  5. chiknlikr

    2013 200 Xc-200

    I also have a 2009 XC 200 that I bought for my wife a few years ago. Guess what?, she hated it so I got her a silly TTR 230 instead. She rides that happily. Meanwhile I have been treating the 200 like my first CR 125 back in 1985!! WIDE OPEN!! I have recently often neglected my old KTM 530 and new KTM 500 since I bought the 200, and I have to say that bringing out the "spare bike" on riding trips has resulted in arguments with my buddies over who gets to ride the "spare bike"!! I love this bike and it has brought a smile to my face like nothing else in last few years. I have been teaching my wife and kids to ride for last 5 years in the mountains, and the 200 is my escape for going crazy!! I can ride it like a trials bike and still have fun while rescuing my family from their many crashes every 800 feet!! I can circle back through the trees, jump some logs, hit a small inclined cliff jump, and be back to save them in 30 seconds and have a blast. I am 230 lbs and I cant believe how far this 200 has taken me on hill climbs!! Super low end torque, but as soon as I hit 3rd gear or greater on a fire road or cutline.......well that's the end of the fun for the 200!! Overall, this is one of the best and most fun bikes I have ever owned in over 30 years of dirt biking. I still miss my 86 CR 250 and my 88 CR 500 though!!
  6. chiknlikr

    Planning for Baja in December

    I wish you the best. Baja has been great for me in the last ten years. The best memories is rolling into a community that is 40 Miles from nearest major road, and handing out pencils, post it notes, stickers and books in our backpacks!! to share with these kids that have zero resources in these tin shack schools in the middle of no where. You are a Alberta dirt biker, so we both know that we have some of the best riding on the planet, but to combine insane riding while directly interfacing with a 3rd world country people is priceless. I think you should continue your original plan and do it on your own. I think you will be fine. Just remember to bring lots of stickers!! Baja is all about the stickers!! you will see!. keep us posted on your travels.
  7. chiknlikr

    Planning for Baja in December

    Hey there Calgary guy. I read all of your posts and I thought I would give you some info on my last ten years of Baja riding. I appreciate your desire to navigate Baja on your own map and gps skills. That is awesome and I totally understand how appealing it would be to go somewhere and figure things out on your own. Back in 2003 a few of us well (20-25 years of riding) seasoned Edmonton dirt bike boys thought we would do the same thing. Last minute, we collectively decided to do our first tour with Tim Morton from Baja Bound to get an idea of how things work down in the Baja, and would then use this info to plan for our next trip on our own......... Well its been 10 years of using Tim Morton's services and I really cant ever see any reason to do it on your own. Yes, you will have the benefit of saying that you did it on your own, and that is truly remarkable, and you will surely have some great experiences but ......I think you will miss out on the best riding there is to see down there. If you are only looking for a crazy adventure and willing to sacrifice some of the best single track you will ever see, then go for it. But I believe without a guide, and even with your map and GPS skills you spoke of,you will mostly end up riding 2 track sand roads until you run out of gas. It is a huge and very sporadically populated area down there and fuel is a huge issue, even while being guided by a guy like Tim Morton who is an established 2nd generation (his dad is cool and used to ride in Baja I think and puts up with a lot of bullshit ha,ha )Baja racer we occasionally have to leave each morning with milk jugs full of fuel strapped to our fanny pack belts or zip tied to our bikes to get us to the next destination, and yes we all did show up with desert tanks on our bikes from Canada!! I belieive our longest day of riding was the first year in 2004 and we did 454km and I was on a 2003 WR450 and you wouldn't believe the places we stopped for fuel!! in middle of desert and kids are running out with milk jugs full of skanky fuel because they knew our guide Tim!!! Awesome experience. Regardless, if you choose to do it on your own I wish you well and please keep us informed. Have fun.
  8. In 1987 I was riding my 86 CR250 around my buddys farm (lots of land) and he tricked me into jumping a new mound of dirt he said was a jump he made with his skidsteer. Turned out it was a 4-5 day old cow carcass that he had slaughterd earlier. I ran into it in 2nd gear and prepared for the jump, turns out it was a bloated cow stomach that had sat in the sun for a few days. My front tire hit it and it exploded in my face. I still can smell it and it has been with me for 26 years!! GROSS. I hit it pretty fast but still had a lot of cow stomach contents stuck to my brand new Ricky Johnson replica riding gear!! What a dick!! I did get even though with him many times over the years, as we all know revenge is sweet.
  9. chiknlikr

    Alberta/Saskatchewan places to ride?

    The Hinton sand dunes you are reffering to are known around here as Brule lake. Great place in th 90's when no one in alberta had money for dirt bikes and quads.... now it is a gong show. dont even think about coming out here unless it as a tuesday to thursday. Long weekends here used to be great,,,,, and although small area to ride, there is alot of different terrain. I have noticed that over last 7-8 years it has become a dumping ground for any dummy with an Alberta paycheque and a new quad to go out there wasted and with no helmet,and continue to &%$#@! up the chances of securing whats left of our beautiful Alberta riding trails/Areas. The Alberta Forestry Service is not a friend of our sport at the best of times, but when they have more fuel to feed the fire of closing more land............well guess whats going to happen. Not just the quad guys. Lots of stupid ass dirt bikers there have had their share of helicopter rides as well. Bottom line is Brule Lake used to be amazing from the timeI first discoverd (1991) until around 2006. Now... according to my local friends from Hinton, it is over run by dummys and soon to be shut down. Can we please try and get together to preserve our limited riding areas in Alberta? Pick up your &%$#@!ing garbage, buy a quieter exaust system (FMF Q4 for the dirt bikes), and stop riding drunk. Simple. Do It.
  10. chiknlikr

    Baja bound or?

    yah Tim I have been 4-5 times now, still not even close to being tired of it. I forgot about my tire melting burnout on the first trip. I think that was in Catavina, I Remember the cop told me to wait so he could go home and get his old 1970's camera!!!. I had to replace my clutch when I got home!!! Any ways save a spot for us in spring 2014. Little boss has only been on first 2 trips, hes coming back for 2014 though. take it easy. Snake Justice
  11. chiknlikr

    Baja bound or?

    If anyone is considering any type of fully guided and serviced trip to to Baja, then Tim Morton has my vote. Our group of Canadians (probably up to 13-14 regulars and newbies combined) have been happily using and abusing his services for almost 10 years. We are planning our 10 year anniversary ride for spring 2014 (Tim, if your listening Les should have this booked by now or within a few days). Tim is an amazing host and will put up with an amazing amount of ridiculous behaviour by his guests!! I beleive that your trip can only be elevated by how skilled you are, if you can prove to Tim that you can ride, he will show you amazing single track and if requested, some stuff that may leave part of your group begging for a sand road!!! Simply the best trip in Baja. Food is amazing, and over the years Tim has found new ways to add crazy and unexpected adventures for us (70 mph windstorms that ripped our tents to peices and knocked all the bikes over at a " way off the main trail hotsprings") comes to mind! Never did find left glove and kidney belt that next morning!! . We dont even ask any questions anymore about what the ride is going to entail, plus Tim never tells us anyways!!! and we love it. Bottom line is after the first 2 trips (around 2006 or so) we decided we were done with the Baja because we thought we had seen enough of it and wanted to explore other venues (costa rica, africa, spain, moab,etc.) Well im not sure what happened, and some of us have ventured on some of these exotic trips. But here we are going back again to see our buddy Tim!!! Oh yah, his team as well are awesome. Jennifer, Flaco, Jd, Dean, Jim, Chilly and one other guy that I chose to forget!! This is a Snake Justice approved not for profit plug of Baja Bound!! Tim if you are listening, thanks again for the Larry Roeseler signed jersey. took a few years but you and Jennifer are true to your promises. See you in spring 2014.
  12. chiknlikr

    2012 KTM 500 XC

    Does anyone out there have any experiance, reviews, or modification updates for this machine? I bought it new and my previous bike was a 2008 530 XCRW. The new bike is definatley an improvement, but i dont have much time on it because i have mostly just been riding with my young kids in the mountain trails and really havnt had extra time to push this bike to its limits.I was wondering if there are any issues that need to be fixed or any mods that make a noticeable differance. It only has the basic stuff on it like skid plate, steering stabilizer, and various other off road armor. It is definatley nice to have the overheating issues behind me now with the cooling fan!! My 530 would spew coolant just about everytime i road it on slow singletrac or any bog sections. any advice would be great.
  13. chiknlikr

    Places to go in alberta?

    dangerousley close to some awesome riding my friend!! head to prairie creek (south on 756 ) good there. head farther south to the trunk road (940) and hang a left and another right a while later to the cut off creek turn off, and there is some good stuff down there( although surrounded by giant rivers). or go back to the trunk road and 756 intersection and go straight and head west to the david thompson,nordegg area. good stuff there as well. need more info?? email me and i can give you solid directions. no idiots please!! pick up your garbage and stop for the fish cops with your insurance and reg!!! chris jepsen
  14. chiknlikr

    Places to go in alberta?

    hey dude. if you are going to the caves, keep in mind that you cant really ride there.we used to ride from there but those days are over. that is the wildhorse campground just out of the town of cadomin. the caves are awesome to do a hike , but if you are more into riding than hiking i would go another 40 Km ( very slow and winding road) all the way across the cardinal divide to the ruby creek area. it will take you at least another hour but you can random camp anywhere down there and if you hook up with some local campers you will see some of the most rugged untouched riding that there is in western canada. you really need to hook up with someone like myself to show you the good stuff (bushwacking straight to the alpine and canyon riding) the gov has shut down lots of trails because apparantley mining and gas exploration does less damage to the enviroment than us guys on two wheels!!! riding the trails that they catapillar "D9 ' ed" through for the last twenty years has no impact on the enviroment i guess, but when we ride our bikes on there destuction i guess we are the ones to blame!!! sorry for the rant, i have been riding out there for 20 years and they are limiting us yearly and it doesnt make sense. i would suggest that you get your but out there and ride as much as you can before we are banned completley. if you want to got out there email my account and i will give you detailed directions how to get there. camp at ruby to ride and if you want to do some cave exploring (spelunking?) then jukmp in the truck one morning and drive about an hour and explore the biggest cave system around. hope this was helpfull. chris jepsen
  15. chiknlikr

    best place to live in canada for riding?

    i live in edmonton and there is great riding here. spend most of my time in cadomin and waiprous area (near calgary). calgary is closer to the mountains but both cities are the same distance apart to get to cadomin (which is more aggresive riding than waiprous) or brule lake (wicked sand dunes and mountain riding all in one spot) so either edmonton or calgary for sure. went on a malcolm smith ride in kamloops in 1998 and it was nice, lots of single track and very very dusty. would like to try again this summer if anyone would like to show a guy around. plus we have the best endurance ice racing series in the fricken world right here in edmonton!! and when summer riding is over and the ice racing series is over we have the mighty sturgeon river that is the most fun i have ever had on two wheels (with studs or trellborgs!!!) in 27 years of non stop riding. you havnt lived until you have tried it. we ride 3 nights a week from nov to march. usually till 3 am!!! ten guys on bikes geared for 90 mph!! on the twistiest, beaver damn infested, log sticking out of the ice, and sections of open water that seem to change daily. anyone wanna try!!!! chris jepsen