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  1. Moto Comm makes a great camera. It has everything including a recorder for 360 bucks. I got one at Chaparral HEre is the link to the camera:
  2. It is really nice stuff. Top of the line. I asked why it was so cheap. They said they have some much in stock, they just need to get ride of it
  3. I have ordered from them for years and have never had a problem. I am sure its like anything. You only are going to hear the bad.
  4. Depends on the editor and how dedicated his/her following is. Jimmy Lewis and Jodi Wiztel(sp?) get more because they are great editors and people want to read what they are talking about. Editors have a tough job. They can't bash anything to hard, because the advertisers will pull from the magzine. Yet, they can't rubber stamp something that is a piece of garbage, otherwise theor reputation is at stack. It looks fun, but I have a feeling it is v. political.
  5. if you already have a recorder.. this will work for you.
  6. I was at Chaparral yesterday and saw they carry twenty20 helmet cameras. They have a huge display where you can see the camera. I think there is one for your bike and your helmet.
  7. I saw a factoy effex iron on kit on chaparrals website for 22$. I know that Factory Effex will make you custom graphics with your name and number on them too.
  8. I have a question, when is the last time you checked the BBB record of a retail shop before entering? I doubt anyone has! If so, no one would shop at Wal Mart, people are murdered in their parking lots. Last year 400 murders in Wal Mart parkin glots. No one checks BBB ratings!
  9. Cylmer tends to cover more than one year in a book. This might be a problem. Some bikes change and the only people who know that they change are the factiries. I would get a factory manuel from your dealer
  10. I saw a great sturdy stand in chaparral ad in dirt rider 29.97 for a standard one or a lift stand for 49.
  11. Can't trust a big butt and a smile----This guy is poison. Seriously, your first problem is that Oneal Element are the cheapest pair of pants on the market. If you liked the cut of the AC pant, the phase (economical) or core(over priced high end) will fit the same. I would also look at Shift pants. Shift is just as good of quality as Fox, but alot cheaper.
  12. It might be too much bike for your daughter 10, but the new LTR has a wide base. It would be a more stable bike for her. If you are riding in sand, get paddles or bring a shovel. The thing get stuck in the sand without paddles. The Raptor is to big for powerful.
  13. Unless you know what the torque specs are supposed to be, and you have the assembly manuel...Beware if you get a crated bike. Sometimes dealerships get recall warnings that consumers don't know about.
  14. Ocelot: Jersey, Pants, Boots, Gloves 129.99
  15. Plus Dunlop is on strike..Making problems even worse for the consumer. No tires to buy!!