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  1. My buddy is having battery issues with his Husaberg FC570. I was taking a look at it and I can't figure out how to remove the battery. Look thru the internet but with not luck..I need help..Thanks Ray
  2. Same here... used the Dino 15-40 to break in my 07 kx450 and then switch to the Rotella 5-40 syn oil. I've use in the pass in 03 ktm450sx amd 04 Honda cbr600rr. Like the previous post what ever works for you is what I believe also. I forgot...running it also in my 07 Suzuki GSX-R 750. Good stuff
  3. Came across an awesome price on a full system Jardine SS pipe. I'm use to seeing them on road sport bikes but not on mx. Can u give me feedbak on this exhaust. Thanks Ray
  4. ray51

    Bad News!!! 2008 Rmz 450!!!

    I see a common pattern with those who can't wait for the RMZ say, that they would just pick up a KX450. I don't get it? Are the Suzukis and the Kawis similiar? Don't hear much of people saying they are going to pick up a Honda or a Yamaha....oh I forgot or a KTM. Just wondering
  5. I've always used Rotella T 5-40 syn oil in my KTMS with no problems. I would used what other KTM owners with Rekluse have used in their bikes. What I mean is Rekluse recommends the Rotella T syn stuff. Why no try it? Don't be so picky just give it a try. You will save yourself the headache. Good luck
  6. ray51

    Desert tank for 07 kx450

    I went on a 120 mile trail ride on Sat. and now I'm looking for a desert tank for my 07kx450. I did a search on the tanks but can't find a post that I'm looikng for. Remember reading a post that somebody on comentted on a tank that needs no alterations on the fuel value. I was wondering if any of you guys can help me on that. Also does a foam in the tank really help the bike on cornering? Thanks Ray
  7. ray51

    buying an 07

    I bought my 07 kx450 for 5500 otd about two months ago out here in socal
  8. ray51

    Diesel oil ok for 06 RMZ450?

    My buddy got an 06 RMZ 450 and I'm doing the maintenance on it. Well I use Rotella-T oil in my bikes and I wanted to know if you RMZ owners also use that for your Zooks. Also have you had any slipping of the clutch with the 5-40w syn oil? I could use either of the the non syn or the syn in the bike. Also how do you check the oil level on the RMZ? Thanks Ray
  9. ray51

    OK Let's see the OFFROAD KX 450's!!!!!!!!

    hey wr426inAZ who make that skid plate
  10. ray51

    new 07

    hey the white stallion where in cali are you at? I got my 07 kx450 for 5500 otd here in the LA area like a month ago
  11. ray51

    2006 kx 450

    That is high for that year. I bought my 07 kx450 for 5500 otd a 1 month ago out here in socal. The cheapest I found the 06 for was around 4500 otd. Do your homework and it will save you alot of money. Remember don't let temptation make you buy the bike!!!!!!!
  12. ray51

    What do you think?

    You guys that shattered your heels,.......just wondering which brand boots where u guys wearing? Do you think another brand boot like the Sidi flex would of helped? Just curious
  13. ray51

    MRD exhaust jetting

    MVDIS what track are going to this weekend? I have the same bike and I want to hear how the MDR sounds like. I sent you an PM yesterday.
  14. ray51

    Thinking of switching from KTM to KAWI

    I just bought a 07kx450. Coming off an 03 ktm450sx, its not the 07 but the one thing you have to remember about the katooms is that alot of the susp. shops try to make the rear shock on the feel like a jap bike. Hey on the Kawi it comes free.!!!!!!!!
  15. ray51

    CRF 450R Best price in So Cal.

    Call the nearest dealer to your home and give them a shot. Use the OTD price as your bargining tool. If it works don't let them talk to you into getting any insuruance or other stuff that dealers do to make up for their losses. Good luck