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  1. tapley


    i have some property in calaveras that i spend quite a bit of time at. where is this area? pm is cool if you don't want to advertise.
  2. tapley

    Ban on quads

    quads don't destroy trails...stupid people destroy trails.
  3. just a few things i would like to add if i could; the more riders you have,the easier it is to get separated. on these rides,i usually designate at least two or three other people to count heads at every gathering point. i like to use the buddy system as well,i try to pair up guys that way it is harder for one dude to wander off by himself as his partner will be watching him specifically. two guys lost is way better than one guy lost. we also use a knowledgeable sweep guy too. we will switch off who rides in the back watching the pack(i love doing this,get to watch all the carnage) and who gets point. lastly, i try to get a big tool/fanny pack on at least every other rider if not every one. no one goes on our 100 mile plus days without water,basic tools,lighter/matches,tube,money, space blanket and food. if you can't carry five to ten pounds on your ass,you probably don't wan't to go 150 miles with me anyway.i know i sound like a mother hen,but being prepared for anything makes our rides actually more fun because we know we will get back to the ice chest safe no matter where you are riding,even an area like cal city with roads fairly close,a walk of several miles in the wrong direction can still get you in a lot of trouble!. do not let your confidence in the area become complacency as this really can kill you. harry
  4. tapley

    Our Legislators hard at work

    that's great. being self employed,every minute i waste during work hours costs me money. low productivity= low paycheck. apparently it's not the same for some. in my opinion,people who screw off at work(no matter where) and don't do what they are getting paid to do are thieves,and they are part of whats wrong with this country. i don't care if you've "filled your quotas" or wether or not your slacking will be noticed or not, it's still a waste of time and resources.....and oxygen. tapley
  5. gotta give the old gal points.....not doing donuts and she's got her helmet on! were the off road cars racing out there this weekend?
  6. tapley

    Clear Creek / What has been doing?

    thanks for the update. good to keep up on this,as frustrating as it is.
  7. tapley

    Places to stay near Pipi/ Elkins

    out of the three guys i took there only one wants to return. god times! it's ok though,i have some new victims for the next round. damm i love that trail.
  8. tapley

    Fire near Elkins?

    i don't know if it's the same fire ,but ther is one burning in the deer creek/twain harte area.
  9. tapley

    Mayhem Festival/Metal Mulisha

    bikermice, you have stumbled upon a group of angry old men who for the most part only do headbanging and windmilling when they forget to duck for trees in the trail. welcome to the cali forum,now go find something constructive to do young man or i'll have you pullin' weeds.
  10. tapley

    Fair warning to fence cutters

    i think i know what would make us all feel better.........let's rent a few prius hybrids,carpool to a s/c or cbd get together under assumed hippy names, get loaded (shrooms ,wine,mota,whatever)and create utter f@wkn@ chaos while shaking tambourines and rocking all tie-died gear.we can ruin the entire areas wild life,wreck fences,hike out of bounds(yeah,thats crazy) and get lots of pics to show how irresponsible those guys are. c'mon guys,it'll be fun!
  11. awesome!!! you got surround sound!!! j/k... badass ride report. i've wanted to do that ride for years, thanks for the inspiration!
  12. tapley

    Rally training, navigation, roadbooks, lots of photos

    wow! thanks for sharing. what are the minumum bike requirements and how do i get more info on this event/training ride(if it is open to the public). the closest i have gotten to dakar is painting the helmets for the rally pan am guys and this looks like a blast. thanks again. tapley
  13. tapley

    What's the craziest thing you ever needed on a ride?

    don't know what it's called,but a paramedic,after saying"oh shit,popped a lung" produced a huge needle-spigot air bleeder thing and shoved it straight into my chest to relieve the pressure from a ruptured lung. hope i never need one of those again.
  14. tapley

    Desert Friends.....The Creosote Bush.

    anybody else love the smell of a bit of creosote smoldering on your exhaust pipe? i call it "desert incense". especially good a few weeks later when your fire up your bike in the driveway and the smell reminds you of the last trip to the dez.