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  1. I am putting some 17's on my bike, and I want to lace up some rims to my stock hubs. Anyone know, a site where I can buy a front and rear set of rims, no color preference, or brand, just a set. So if you know of anything, let me know, or if you have a set you are willing to part with let me know. Thanks Cole
  2. Well, I am going to street legal my bike, and I know that I need a headlight, tail light, and turn signals. Also, I heard about horn speedo, and mirrors. Someone mentioned a battery, and some other stuff. All who have done this, can you let me know what I have to put on my bike? Thanks Cole
  3. Well, my bike sat for about a month, and when I took it out one day it began backfiring a ton in acceleration and deceleration. Is it time for valve shims or is there something else that can go bad? Let me know Thanks Cole
  4. Anyone know what I do to go about registering my bike street legal in AZ. if I have someone I know whith an adress there that I am able to use? If you know anything let me know. Thanks Cole
  5. I am completely down with helping in the purchase of an out of state place to street- register my bike. Please let me kow how everything pans out, and consider me all in. Thanks Cole
  6. I am just checking to see if anyone knows any signs of a needed top end on a 1999 YZ400f? Thanks