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  1. dunatic564

    250r vs banshee

    Any year 400ex is good, the newer the better. I would stay away from anyone that has had motor work. I would get the cleanest one I could find. The only power mods I would want would be an intake and exhaust.
  2. dunatic564

    Chev. 5.3 vs toyo. 4.0 Gas mileage

    2000 Chevy 5.3 2wd short bed reg cab 17 city, 19 hwy, best ever 21 best was at about 60mph on a 400mile trip. My buddy has a Tundra 4.8 and I don't think it's ever been close to 20, he usually gets about 15 Just get the bigger motor, the milage savings is not worth less power
  3. dunatic564

    Cylinder Port Polishing

    "It sounds like this polishing is a waste of time. I may do it anyway, but I wont expect any functional benefit." Why would you polish the inside of your motor is it is not going to help performance? Don't have anything to do, need to get a girlfriend or a wife? NAH! If you want to polish something do the outside of the motor or the frame or your knob. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
  4. dunatic564

    Finally satisfaction with 2004 450R!

    125 seems pretty small. I don't have one but it seems like most people should be in the 140-150 range.
  5. dunatic564

    Which slip on PIPE for 07 250EX?

    Save your money. If you want your quad to be faster buy a diffrent quad
  6. dunatic564

    wheelies on quad

    In the dunes sometimes I have to run 2.5 on one rear tire and 3.5 in the other to get my quad to wheelie straight
  7. dunatic564

    Help- hauling quad and bike together. Photos?

    05' Dodge Short Bed, 06' Raptor 700, 98 YZ400F Take off tail gate put quad in straddling wheel well, pull over to one side wheel bike in along side quad strap bike so it's not hitting anything strap quad towards side of bed (away from bike) If Yamaha apply parking brake on quad (if Honda put in gear, parking brake of no use) Have drove 8 hours to the dunes many times like this.
  8. dunatic564

    Raptor 700 horsepower ?

    "The Grizz has a CVT, which is a much more efficient tranny than a manual tranny." How is a CVT more efficient than a manual? I would think if anything a CVT would slip a little on the dyno and would be lower if anything. One other question I have is where is the Grizz "Rated" at more HP, is Yamaha rating it? I have never seen any horsepower #'s on Yamaha's web site. Maybe i'm miss/uninformed. 40 sounds about right.
  9. dunatic564

    New Raptor owner

    06' Raptor 700, Pro FLow - UNI, Spark arrestor removed, PC III I run the Power Commander III and it has worked great, good customer service to. The fastest my 700 has gone is 75(GPS). Love this Quad in the sand, 450's if jetted right are a little faster in the races but in the dunes I would not trade it for anything. Only service/repairs have been oil, air filter and one valve adjustment.
  10. dunatic564

    Most important protective gear...

    Helmet, goggles, gloves a must like boomman said. Should have at least some kind of over the ankle boots. After that it depends on what type of riding you do. If you ride with other people you might want roost protection like a chest protector. You need to be the judge of what you need.
  11. dunatic564

    Best 250F motor durability

    I thought the three valves are on the intake side not the exhaust???
  12. dunatic564

    Why ride a quad?

    I have both, Raptor 700, TRX250R, YZ400F. I think they both have pros and cons. I can ride my quad without a helmet or give my little kids a ride and I know!!! I will not wreck, zero chance. On the dirt bike I can't say the same. In the dunes I felt I could keep up with just about anybody and go anywhere on the quad so I felt the dirt bike would be another challenge. If I can find fast enough people to ride with then the quad is the best in the dunes. If the quad puts you to sleep in the dunes then you aren't going fast enough. I like dirt bikes where I live because there is a lot of two track roads that beat the quad up. There is also a lot of dirt riding areas that are broken up by paved roads and street legal dirt bikes don't have to be loaded and unloaded to get from area to area. The Raptor is street legal but the pavement eats tires. Another thing is mud and snow, don't do to much of either. I think is easier to ride long distances on bikes. I did a ride with my buddy half way across Arizona, me on my Raptor and him on his XR650R. I wish I would have had my YZ for that ride. One last thing, there is nothing like a good night ride through the dunes and there is no way I would do it on my bike. I am glad I have both.
  13. dunatic564

    raptor 700 vs quadracer r450

    I have a 06' raptor 700, Dyno jet P/C, pro flow intake. I raced two LTR's and both of them where faster. I raced them at glamis up Olds and on the flats. One had a pipe and programmer and the other had lid off, cherry bomb and core removed. They just walked away I wouldn't say they killed me but after a few races I could tell there was no way I could win. Even if I jumped them on the start they would catch me. But I still would not give up my Raptor for anything. If you are going to race M/X then get a 450. The 450's are high maintenance. I have a YZ426 dirt bike and the rocker arms on the raptor are a lot easier to adjust.