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  1. OK guys, I am listening. The caliper/disc are out of alignment some way. But the disc sure looks good and it tracks cleanly when the wheel is spun. I will look closer and put a straight edge on it. The spacers are identical as I believe they are supposed to be (same part number). This started or got worse after I had a local dealer install a new Maxxi Desert IT that I just couldn't get on myself. I have no idea what kind of trauma the wheel might have suffered while it was there. Earlier today I made a 0.064 alum spacer and placed in between the swingarm and the caliper mount (at the axle). This helped and made the brake serviceable. I hope it doesn't create any other problems like uneven brake wear. Thanks for all input. Dick
  2. I have Viagra. This is a different problem. There is no air in the system. It firms up fine if the caliper is off the swingarm with a shim between the pads. Some misalignment there is causing the caliper/piston to retract too far each time I let off the pedal. I am tempted to place a large washer between the caliper bracket and the swingarm to see what difference that would make. I was hoping someone else had encountered a similar problem. Dick
  3. Heading for the Copper Canyon next week and I have problem with the rear brakes on my XR650R. The rear brakes will not pump up firm. They feel initially like they just need to be bled but this in not the problem. I have bled them and bled them, even took the bike to the dealer. $45 dollars later they said they had them all "adjusted". No change. (No surprise either, but I am getting desperate.) This is what happens. If I remove the caliper and place a 3/16 inch spacer between the pads the pedal firms up just fine. But mounted with the axle nut torqued to 69 foot pounds, the caliper rebounds out 1/8 inch or more everytime I let up on the pedal. Something is misaligned here but I can't figure out what. With axle nut just snugged up the brake works fine. But not when it is torqued properly. Help! Dick
  4. Dazzle

    XR650R Idle hang

    Hanging idle = lean idle circuit. Go to the jetting section of TT. This question comes up all the time with XRs and a lot of other bikes. Eddie Sisneros answer is always the same. Enrichen the idle circuit. I had the same problem on my XRR. It is easy to see if the throttle cables are failing to close the throttle. If the bellcrank is at the stop and the idle is still high it isn't the linkage. Once the XR is uncorked it needs a 68S idle jet minimum (at lower altitudes perhaps a 70S). Enrichen the idle mixture until the hanging idle goes away. Note that if the idle speed is set too high the hanging idle may persist. Lower the idle speed. I find that to keep the hanging idle at bay, I need to run an idle speed just below what I might consider optimal. Dick
  5. Anybody in Twin Cities/WI area interested in riding in the Black Hills over Labor Day weekend? Drive out and ride 3 or 4 days. Let me know. Dick
  6. Dazzle

    Anyone riding July 5-6th in MN?

    I am available to ride Thursday thru Tuesday July 10 if anyone wants to ride a day or two. It sounds like Paul might be a little sore. Dick
  7. Rider Call for the Wabeno Dualsport Ride June 9, 10. Note Sundogs post below. I am looking to ride with someone or if we have 4 or so riders we could take my RV. I would like to make a 3 day ride out of it (Fri,Sa,Sun) but am flexible. Dick
  8. Dazzle

    Coon Rapids, MN Gathering, Tuesday June 05, 2007, 7pm

    I will be there. Dick