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    How do you like your KLX450R's???

    I just picked up my second KLX after a year off dirtbikes, I did the CO500 on one in 09 and no issues after the usual mods jd jetting and heavier rear spring. My new bike has the revloc clutch
  2. and it may be for sale 2003 Yamaha YZ250, I was going to do the CO 500 event on it this year but due ot other commitments I will not be going. I have addtional items fitted to the bike now including an Acercis long range tank, and Acerbis Rally hand guards, Devol rad guard and bash plate. The Baja designs road legal kit provides lighting and a heavier flyweel. it has a digital read out for speed, water temp, etc. A new FMF Q2 exhaust with spark arrestor is also fitted, and alos a tail pack tool bag. The bike is very low miles and is in excellent condition, engine is very tight and powerful
  3. Hi I have a 2000 DRZ400S with the following set up JD Kit 155 Main Red Needle 3rd clip JD pilot jet 3X3 mod UNI Fliter FMF Q slip on pipe My current elevation is 600 -1000 ft and it runs really well, I wil be riding in the CO 500 next week at 8-12000 ft and wanted some jetting advise?
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    I ordered both kits and like buses they both arrived this week, I will fit one this weekend and the other I will offer for sale on here, I may be using the pilot jet only out of the GYTR kit.
  5. roadstarminge

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    I got my 2006 Wr450F two weeks ago, I had been undecided between the WR and CRF450X for a long time, read all the mag articles etc, but when I sat on both bikes the WR felt better, and was better equipt and I was buying my wife a TTR125E at the same time and got a really good deal on the WR, and I have always been a Yamaha fan. So first riding impressions in stock form were as described earlier in this thread, so no real worries as I wanted to run the engine in with the stock setting just incase any problems showed up, they did not. So I had ordered all the stuff PMB insert, YZ450 throtle stop, Zip Ty screw, JD jet kit and both AIS kits, still waiting for the AIS kits but the rest of the parts arrived last week. I decided I would try the PMB insert first, fitted easily then I went for a ride around the trails, no real noise increase, good, a little more responsive though. Next up the YZ throttle screw and removal of the air box restriction, both mods were easy, I wish I could have junked the AIS at the same time, oh well. I fired it up blipped the throttle, all seemed well, then I went on the same ride thorugh the trails and onto an open field,.........holy crap this thing is a monster, I am no stranger to powerful bikes but this was awesome, it wheelied in 2, 3 and 4. I love it but I must respect the new power. Some questions I have not yet cut the grey wire or fiited my JD jet kit or the Zip Ty fuel screw, what will these mods do for the WR, make it smoother? even more acceleration. Has anyone made the grey wire switchable to be used in different riding conditions? Finally thanks to all of the excellent information in this forum