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    CRF450R Rear Wheel Bearings

    They were probly packed with grease then pushed together.
  2. bsmudder

    Fork Oil, Whats the best?

    Automatic transmition fluid. Some mix it 50/50 with fork oil.
  3. I just got done changing the seals and oil on my CRF 450 forks. I bought the bike used. The left fork had a 49 (stiffer than stock) and the right was a 47 (stock). I was pretty upset when I found the miss match and was considering (still am) buying a matched set. I must admit that when I first jumped the bike thinking wow this suspention is so much better than my old CR 250. Then later at a race hitting some huge breaking bumps and it just soked them right up. Even though the suspention works good, I still think the springs should be the same and adjusted the same to make them work good. You don't adjust the clickers different from one side to the other. You don't add different oil weights or amounts from one side to the other. I don't think the springs should be different either. It would be interesting to hear what some suspention experts have to say about it.
  4. bsmudder

    oil in the airbox??

    Dirt Rider mag. had an article on this a while back. They said it is commonly a sign of the valves going bad. A little bit of oil in the catch tube after a hard moto or WOT for too long is normal.
  5. bsmudder

    PE clutch basket ?

    Thanks for the info. The only thing that worried me about the PE was reading something about the rubber cushions not fitting right. Did you guys reuse the stock ones or buy new aftermarket cushions? My bike is an 04 and I know the 02 had a different shape. Thanks.
  6. bsmudder

    PE clutch basket ?

    Has any one had GOOD or BAD luck with PE clutch baskets? I'm looking to save some money. If they are trouble I'll go with Hinson. Thanks.
  7. bsmudder

    water pump issue

    You are right but the small hole should be 1/8 not 3/8. I know that's what you meant. Don't want people confused.
  8. bsmudder

    Need Extreme Help With 2002 450 Please Help!

    Forgot to ask. Did you check your valves?
  9. bsmudder

    Need Extreme Help With 2002 450 Please Help!

    The case half the bearing is mounted in can also stretch and the bearing will be loose. You said you replaced all the bearings. Did that one pop out real easy? Not sure how much noise it would make but it will make the seals on your water pump leak. Check to make sure your cam chain tension-er isn't bad. That will make some noise.
  10. bsmudder

    Cam chain sprocket question?

    When I took my cam sprocket off,the holes looked like they were cut into slots. I'm guessing they are not supposed to be. Should I buy a new one?
  11. bsmudder

    timing mark help

    When I tore down my 04 the timing marks were off. The auto chain tightener was broke and I think it jumped.
  12. bsmudder

    how much oil

    Do not use the oil level check bolt when filling. It needs to be higher than the hole.
  13. Sometimes it helps to tap a flat screwdriver into the slot between the pinch bolts. Make sure you're starting from the right side and never beat the crap out of it.
  14. I've been looking for a used Rekluse clutch with the manual adapter kit. How much do you guys want?
  15. bsmudder

    Leaving your bike strapped down

    Use 3" pvc pipe. It'll look a lot better then a block of wood but to each their own.
  16. bsmudder

    Which Tires?

    756 is a good tire but I like the MS3 better.
  17. bsmudder

    Best Toy Hauler

    I would say the Gearbox is top of the line. Expensive too. We got a Desert Fox last year as a 2004 left over for $14,000 "their cost". Very nice 25' well built. Use is to go to the races or camping. Very happy with it. Shop around.
  18. bsmudder

    Choke won't stay out.

    The choke on my 04 450 won't stay out any more when I go to start it and it's kind of hard to hold onto it when I'm kicking it over. Took it apart and cleaned it up. It looks good and probably just warn out. Anybody know a fix or should I just go buy a new one? Thanks.
  19. bsmudder

    Choke won't stay out.

    Thanks guys. I need some other stuff from the Honda shop and was going there today anyway. Probably won't have one on the shelf. Racing this weekend.
  20. bsmudder

    Choke won't stay out.

    I was thinking about wrapping safety wire around the outside of the rubber boot to tighten it up. Anybody try something like that? Thanks.
  21. bsmudder

    How much damage is done?

    Don't forget to leave the feeler gauge under the right ex. valve rocker arm when setting the decompresser gap at 0.35mm (0.014in).