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  1. i will forever love the sound of a 2-stroke MX bike ripping an MX track... i grew up on it and will miss that sound as much as i miss anything else in life!!! RM 250 and 125 and i for the many good years!!! If I ever race MX again, it will be on a 2-stroke, even if i have to buy a used one and restore it!
  2. Sick Bike! Love the Wheels. I'm looking to sell my 01 Rm 250 (ridden less than a seasoon, meticulously maintained) and pick up something a little newer, probably a 05+, cant decide which i want (Yami, Kawi, Honda or another Suzuki, of maybe even a Katoom)
  3. AWESOME! Jack is an awesome guy. Did an indoor show with him last winter (i was on streetbikes). Glad to see he's killing it! Love the innovation!!!
  4. AWESOME pics! Where is that track at in PA? Looks like a sweet place!
  5. Duct tape an old goggle lens to the end of your visor (to extend it) and if you know/see roost coming, dip your head down, the extended visor REALLY helps keep mud out of your face/goggles. Buy some coarse foam, cut it in pieces the right size to wedge inbetween you frame and motor. Mud loves to collect there and the more area you take up with foam the less area there is fomr heavy mud!!! Fix a towel to your belt line, if you fall and get your hands all muddy, it will be VERY hard to hold on for the rest of the ride. You can use the towel to wipe your hands (yes the towel will be muddy too, but trust me this still helps get the bulk of the slippery stuff off your hands) all of the tips above are very good ideas too (i do most of them!!!) Ride loose and have fun, you'll be surprised how much better you ride when you're just having fun!!!
  6. awesome job on coaching there!!! good idea to make him start in 3rd to learn to slip the clutch!
  7. looks great. its amazing how good rattle can can look if you prep right and take your time!
  8. I miss the sound of 125's soooooo much!!!
  9. www.amadistrict6.com you will find lots of local race info there.
  10. The natural terrain MX track is a lot of fun. And the supercross track is nice to go play on. Haven't been there since 2000, but i hope its just as good as i remember or better! One suggestion though, people are MUCH happier and more likely to come try a practice track for $30 a day... $40 is pushing it and might drive some people to cheaper places. I think that at $30 a day you will get more people (therefore will make the same $$$ and will get more word of mouth out about the track) In any case, Hearing that Evansville is open again and might be racing in '07 brought a smile to my face, good stuff!!!
  11. What part of NY are you from? how far do you want to travel? Hurricane hills in NE PA has a great layout, open sections, up/down some small hills (there are some big jumps though) and has great soil and is maintained. It gets rough too. You can say about the same for Broome-Tioga in southern NY state. If i had my choice of any track in the NE to go to, I would head right for Budds Creek in MD! I LOVE the elevation changes there, definately the most fun track i have ever raced. Never been to it, but i have heard good things about Miles Mountain MX on the boarder of PA/NY. supposedly LOTS of big jumps there too, but like i said, never been there. Well, good luck in any case!
  12. Ok, i think i want to try the Starcrosses, but i have run into another question. Starcrosses are made in MH3, MS3, etc for Inter/Hard conditions and Soft/Inter Cond. ect. I want to know if anyone knows the differences between the tires... (and don';t say hard is for hard terrain and soft os for soft) I want to know why, does the hard tire have a softer rubber compound (because they share the same tread pattern it looks like from the pics i've seen online. I live in the northeast and tire selection is difficult because terrain goes from loomy/sand to blue groove hardpack, sometimes even on the same track! LOL So if anyone knows the in's and outs of starcrosses, please enlighten me. The reason i want to know is i think that if i know the construction and details behind each tire it will make choosing easier... any info is appriciated!!! Thanks in advance!!!
  13. ^^^^^^ Bottom line right there! me on my MX bike-->
  14. My costs on a typical MX day by myself: Truck gas - $50 (average - that's approx 16 MPG, 300 mile round trip, gas at 2.75/gal) Bike gas - $20 (5 gal at 2.95/gal premium, and $5 in 2-stroke oil) Food - $10 Drinks - $10 (gatorade) track entry - $10-20 Racing fee - $40 (two classes) TOTAL - $140-150 And don't forget that you also have to keep a supply of WD-40, chain lube, gear oil, simple green, etc. Yep, racing is expensive... i did an economical practice day this weekend and spent $100 even.
  15. I'll be at IVmx in the morning! see you guys there