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  1. What are all, if any, of the head mod's I will have to make to run a high compression piston?? What combo of thing's work's the best with a high compression piston?
  2. Do I really need to buy new valve's, spring's, seal's etc. when I put a top end in my bike?? I was gonna put one (top end) in if it was the valve's but I wasn't planning on spending that kind of money!! I'm gonna check the valve's and go from there I guess, thanx for all the help.
  3. It never really get's below 50 degrees in my garage so I don't think cold temp is a problem it's just weird it has never done this before now. I will check the oil and see if it smell's like gas. Also on several of the kick's it back fired and it has never done this either could that just be raw fuel??
  4. My bike set for about three week's not being started or anything and when I tried to start it it was super hard to start and smelled like it might have been flooded but iI got it started and rode all day with no problems, it has set for three day's now and it's the same all over again, could this be a tight intake valve? the plug is not very old and the air filter is changed every other ride, I had no problem's before this. It is an 04 and has a decent amount of hour's on it so maybe top end? I have had the valve's adjusted before and had a tight exhaust but he did nothing to the intake but check it.
  5. It is the bw, it has quad tire's on it. I just couldn't read the sticker on the tank. Do you know anything about the ignition on that thing? Would the stator play any part in the problem?
  6. does anyone know anything about the pw 200, my friends grandfather gave him one and we are trying to get it runing, it had fire at first but now it has no fire to the plug at all, any help would be great
  7. Can anyone help me with this?? Yosh isn't!!
  8. Thank's for all the help! I would rather do that than buy a new one!! I'm save'n the "new bike money" for a four fifty. Got to have both bike's in kansas because some tracks are just to tight for a four fifty to have fun on, atleast for me anyway. Thank's again!
  9. Have you put one in your bike? If so, big difference?? Do you think if I do the cam and high compression piston it will mess with reliability??
  10. Do any of the after market company's make one with the same grind or atleast close? If so who, and what grind would it be?? Thanx for the help
  11. I have an 04 crf250r and a friend of mine has an 05, the bikes have the same pipe, jet kit and i-cat's, but his is way more crisp on bottom. Is there anyway to get my 04 to feel like that?? I read the 05 has a different carb set up on it, is that what is make'n the difference? Is there anyway to set mine up like his? It's like they are to way different bikes. Would a high compression piston help?
  12. It's an 05 and I have the titanium pro, it just does't look right!! Is there any way you could send some detailed pic's of yours I think the silencer bracket is wrong or something. Any help would be great!!
  13. Does anyone have a yosh pipe on their crf450?? I put one on mine and I'm not sure I got the right one. It fits so tight around eveything, the silencer is on my rear finder, the head pipe is all but on the cooling hose, it just doesen't look right anywhere!!
  14. I give up!! I'm putting everthing back to stock!! As of right now the carb is all stock setting's except for the neeldle that is out of the jet kit and it still bogs off the line!! I'm starting to think I have problem's with something else.
  15. kool, thanx I give that a shot and try to save my sanity!! Wanna buy a quick shot??