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  1. reddevil76

    KTM intake valves

    I recently sent my 06 KMT400EXC to the shop to have the cam bearings replaced. Then on the day I was suppose to collect back the bike, they called me and said as they were putting everything back and setting the valve clearances, they noticed my intake valves are goners. I asked what was the symptoms that told them this, and they said no matter how they loosen the locknut, they still could not get any clearance on the intake side. Question is, is this an indication of worn valves or guides? or is the cam timing simply out? If i attempt to replace the intake valves myself, what are parts other than the valves should i have stand by?
  2. reddevil76

    What is this for??

    Mount for some pair valve/emissions crap which previous owner removed?
  3. reddevil76

    Removing the black oil catch can.

    It's not a daily thing that i need to acces these areas. So i figure replacing zip ties is better than removing the black box. I like clean air in my air box. And I would've route a return line if i could find the space.
  4. reddevil76

    Headlight replacement, Polished brakes

    I used an original KTM headlight. Pretty bright and has a wide beam for really dark roads.
  5. reddevil76

    Removing the black oil catch can.

    I wanted some space to access the rear preload and my FCR as well, so I bought a oil catch can (meant for mopeds) from a local shop for $8. It had two puny holes with tubes at the top. I blocked off one hole with a screw. Then proceed to drill/then tap threads at top/side/and bottom. Screwed in connectors meant for air tools. Top, I connect the filter salvaged from the pair valve when i removed it. Side, I connect to the top of cylinder. Bottom, I capped it with a rubber bung meant for the legs of a chair (from Home Fix) I also capped off the air box and oil return on cylinder with rubber bungs. Once in a while, I empty the condensed oil in the catch can from the bottom. Here's a pic close up and from far.
  6. reddevil76

    Dual sport front brake switch-where to find?

    They are made by DRC. I bought them from my local dealer (But i am in Singapore!) Hopefully this helps. http://www.langstonracing.com/eshopitems_cat_2442-19634.Electrical_Items.htm I'm guessing you've changed to a radial brake pump? I did, and I found this switch kinda tidies things up. The traditional brembo brake light switch has a long wire dangling from below and I'm kinda particular about keeping things neat.
  7. reddevil76

    FCR conversion the "burned way".

    Damn, I did not remove the pilot air jet when i installed the kit! Didn't see that in the instructions or on any FAQ. Is this just for that sea level or for everyone who install this kit? Eddie, pray tell what does a pilot air jet do? For idling? Do I have to remove the entire carb to access it? I really dread having to reinstall that thing.
  8. reddevil76

    FCR conversion the "burned way".

    Hi Eddie, I bought and fixed the TT FCR kit, and threw away the plastic cable cover as you mentioned earlier in this thread. However, I notice there is perhaps just 2mm clearance between the "wheel" (pulled by the cables) and the frame. Would this pose a danger whereby without the plastic cover, and plus some vibrations to shift the carb slightly, the wheel might contact with the frame and jammed at WOT? PS - The instruction sheet that came with the kit has a slight error. It mentioned that the cable with the bent elbow should be mounted at the top. I followed that instruction and got reverse throttle action!
  9. reddevil76

    What gear does a newbie need?

    I see most protective equipment is already covered in this thread. Just like to add my two cents worth on jerseys. Coming from a road bikes background, I used to evaluate gear based on "when you crash" needs. After a few trips around the woods (the first being in long sleeve T shirt and jeans with body armor underneath it all), I found that MX gear is also designed (and should be evaluated) for comfort, freedom of movement, and provisions for fitting of armor underneath it without restricting movement. The jersey was much better at wicking away perspiration, and keeping me cool rather than the Tshirt I wore at my first rides. It was also designed to have a long tail, so it stays tucked in, and did not allow sand to get into my butt crack! The MX gloves also looked positively flimsy next to my road racing gloves. But after one ride without them, I found that you not only need them in case you crash, you also need them because your hands develop blisters from the grips when you are trail riding. Granted, this thread is started for what gear is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. However, I find that even for newbies, comfort should not be deemed unimportant, as you wanna be focusing on the ride, and not distracted by heat, blisters, and sand in unspeakable places!
  10. The TT store only list the PN for the Husky 250s, '01-'03. Where did you order yours? I'm riding a SM610 too.
  11. Ok, I've got a Sachs shock on my bike. Adjustable for preload, hi & low speed comp and rebound. The hi-speed comp adjuster is a round grey knob, with a brass flat head adjuster in the middle for the low-speed comp. The hi-speed adjuster has been pretty tight even when the bike is new. Now after 3000 miles, I can't even get it to budge. However, with a strip of rubber wrapped around it, then applying pliers, I could still turn it. So it's not irrevocably stuck. But turning it by pliers is neither effective or desirable as without the feel, I wouldn't know when is it just tight or when it really has reached the end of the adjustment range, and I am over tightening the knob. Can someone shed some light on how to fix this without stripping down the entire thing? I have no means to pump back the nitro.
  12. Just back from a track day. During the session while I was taking a break, a mate of mine was suiting up and asked if I could help him wheel his KTM out of the crowded pit. When I release it off the main stand, i was like WOW! It's probably half the weight of my SM610! I've order a full Ti system from Leo Vince and still waiting for it. In the meantime, can anyone suggest any main areas for losing the bike's weight? Original Fuel tank -> Alloy / Carbon Fibre?
  13. reddevil76

    SM610 Weird problem??

    ok, i've managed to convince them to take parts off a new bike instead of waiting for months for the parts. They swapped a new meter and fuel petcock. Problem is gone.. except I still don't have the batt indicator and now the bloody redline red light comes on at 4500 rpm!
  14. reddevil76

    SM610 Weird problem??

    Ok, I'm gonna pose probably the weirdest problem ever. Just got my 06 SM610 last week. First day, straight off, I noticed the low fuel warning light is nuts. It comes on even when the tank is full. Dealer said will warranty a fuel sensor for me, so I accepted delivery of the bike for the time being. Then I noticed the thing works intermittently.. so I thought it probably needs some loosening from new. Finally yesterday, I realised that the thing lights up (irregardless of fuel level) only when my headlight is on, or in high beam. When the headlight is off or in pilot light position, the fuel light doesn't come on till the fuel is really low. I also read from the handbook that the vertical bars that indicate revs actually indicate voltage level when the engine is off. But i've got not a single bar when i switch on the ignition?? So today I quickly informed the dealer that the real problem could be the instrument display and not the fuel sensor. Since the lack of voltage indicator could mean that the display is faulty, and could explain for the low fuel light coming on anyway. So if they have not asked for a warranty fuel sensor, they should look further before deciding on the part to order for warranty. And guess what, i found out that our dear dealer has not even figured out how to activate warranties! Much less know how to claim warranties for defective parts! So here i am, hopefully someone who has a same problem could shed some light and I could DIY the problem instead of waiting for the dealer to be educated in the Husky procedures.