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  1. Good idea. I have scrap steel that I could make a stand out of, just gotta find a spring and I don't think I have any that are big enough.
  2. Thanks!
  3. I rebuilt the carb and cleaned the heck out of it. Two kicks and it fired. Ran like a mofo. It seems to flood if I leave the petcock on. Do I need a new petcock or just shut it off when I'm done riding?
  4. No need to beg. Go ahead and tell us what's wrong with the FMF? What do you recommend?
  5. I have a 1993 600 that I got off of my brother 4 years ago. It's been sitting since then. It needed a lot of work, so I've messing with it in my spare time. The carb was all gummed up, so I took it off and tore it apart to clean it. The main jet is a #65 (I think stock is a #62). It has aftermarket FMF exhaust on it, so I assume thats why it has the bigger jet. What are the needle settings for this jet/pipe config? Thanks. ETA: Where can I find a kick stand for it?