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  1. Personally I would not worry about finishing the day. Before next time out I would replace though.
  2. 1.21GW

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    I got a sunburn just looking at Hock's photo.
  3. 1.21GW

    Georgetown- Red Dodge Ram

    Never had an issue with hunters. Really only bugging them at dawn and dusk, that is when they have the best chance. Think about it most of them are responsible folks just like dirt bikers. Your chances of a bad encounter are slim especially the further out from a road you get. Bewary of road hunters, higher chnace of scumbags.
  4. 1.21GW

    To patch or not to patch?

    I run UHD tubes. I carry both and patch kit and a standard front tube. I always try to figure out why I got a puncture and then replace the tube as I don't want to wait for the patch to dry a bit. The patches are insurance.
  5. 1.21GW

    Universal 2 cycle oil?

    Check out the standards listed on the bottle and look up what they are for. If it is JASO FC or something similar you would be more than fine.
  6. IMO the carbon pipe guards just keep you from looking at all the little dings underneath. The serious cages are as much or more than a pipe. In my extended group of various riding buds, everyone has run one style or none from time to time. I think running a guard or not doesn't much effect your chances of getting a bend at the flange. I just plan on fixing my pipe every time I do a topend. So far that has worked out, have not gotten enough damage to warrant doing it earlier.
  7. No. I'm told Gas Gas doesn't have one period, available. For the Husaberg I have not needed it yet. I think it may only be available on CD, totally useless. Who has a CD drive anymore.
  8. I've certainly thought about it. When I have a backlog or maintenance or large rebuild. Sure would be nice to dump the bike and get a new freshie. However then I think about learning a new bike and that kills that idea, would not be a time saver.
  9. 1.21GW

    Stonyford/Upper Lake damage assesment

    Yikes, I hope they find asbestos or something and have to knock it down. Do not like the idea of having the Rangers right there.
  10. 1.21GW

    Dual sport debacle

    Do you mean DOT approved tire?
  11. 1.21GW

    Byway Moaners!

    All you can do is kill them with kindness. Maybe a slight snark, something like geez if you are getting this worked up you probably don't have much longer on this earth.
  12. 1.21GW

    Strawberry tract - Saturday 9/22

    Don't forget the lap dog for the basket.
  13. Not worth the $ savings. You are already in their for the rings. If the piston comes apart later it will be more expensive. This is of course assuming you are a normal recreational user and the piston has a bunch of hours and not a racer replacing rings every 10-20 hours.
  14. Just stick with a KTM or Husqvarna 'Dual Sport' model that are street legal. EXC or FE. Once you have a plate a green sticker isn't even required. Also additional entry fees are still required for OHV parks, not Forrest areas, the sticker is bike registration not covering entry fees.
  15. 1.21GW

    Best Dirt Bike gear website

    RMATV is generally where I buy stuff. Occasionally from motosports or RevZilla. Both RMATV and RevZilla have great product videos on YouTube.