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  1. Agreed, great write up. Perfect level of detail. I learned a lot.
  2. Traps. Lots of choices on that front. Laundry spray, peppermint oil etc. and spray all around the engine bay, don't hold back. Next you can plant mint near where you park your truck. Those are the steps I take as preventive measures. Got lax on baiting traps for a while and ended up with a mice eating the underside of the engine cover. Luckily no real damage. So I upped my game with laundry spray and mint plants and regular rebaiting of traps. No issues since.
  3. Clutch spins but not the crank, that doesn't not compute for me. That spring #8 should be fixed in some locator holes on the case. This a common problem when the kickstarter doesn't turn over the crank or falls through the stroke.
  4. It's OK guys I'm sure the DOI and DOJ have told the BLM to launch an internal investigation into this matter. I'm sure we will get a truthful unbiased assessment of the events involved in the shooting, right quick. The status quo must remain, public land keep out!
  5. Bingo. I've done the exact same thing.
  6. Gotcha, exact same process to create those KMZ in that thread that I linked, they include the images of the trail system maps. Nice work though as with PDF you can easily open if anything. The KMZ only work with specific Apps or devices. I'm in NorCal; we've got a pretty good repo of KMZ of all our riding areas already. I'll keep this in mind if I ever head south with a bike though.
  7. This sounds similar to what we have been calling 'overlays'. https://www.southbayriders.com/forums/threads/121676/ Except you are packing them as PDF and opening in an app that can read them with the coordinate metadata?
  8. Not good at all. The gall of these pricks, "save Tesla Park".
  9. Nothing in life or this planet is sustainable.
  10. California

    The real question is, does it come with a spare set of valves?
  11. Agree on not supporting CamelBak or REI. I've just yet to find any replacement for there bladders. Everything elae hardly lasts. Unfortunately almost all outdoor compt are bad news for wheeled sports and outdoor access in general.
  12. I'm also in the 3L club. From my experience CamelBak has the best bladders and tubes. But the packd are just ok. Osprey make nice packs. Platypus looks like another nice maker.
  13. california

    Ah yes flow trails code to attract spandex wearing 10k carbon bike no skill wennies. The worst. Seems like we can't have trails that some in a walker can't navigate anymore.
  14. Dam didn't know that. Thanks.
  15. I think they all come with a plate now. CARB has gotten through neutering them. Are you sure your city hasn't ban them by now? All the townies in my neck of the woods have to use electric jet packs.