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  1. california

    Speechless. Horrible. Why must everything be nuetered. Does no one like a challenge anymore? Can't they stay inside play with their iPhone??
  2. california

    Those shitters need more dumps so they don't have time to do these improvements!! Hopefully we get a couple ravaging winter and all will be healed.
  3. Sounds like time to find that ebay login and start parting it out. Yikes, $3k!!!
  4. Go on TT or RMATVMC website and see what is available and decide between comfort, protection and $ which items make sense for you. The you can research which of each type is best for you. I've found it is good to refresh protection gear every 5 years. Things get lighter and more comfortable.
  5. I'm in the one year camp as well. Good container well sealed off the ground. I always add Stabil as well.
  6. California

    Pretty sure he only takes Bitcoin. /Jokes
  7. KLR or XR. I'm not even sure they need oil to survive.
  8. KTM Freeride is the equivalent IMO.
  9. California

    What a mess, it shouldn't be that hard to get some help. I've always written the Forest Circus off as useless in an emergency, likely hood of talking to someone competent with knowledge of the forest seems low. Sounds like 911 operator didn't understand the distances and response times involved. If you are calling 911 in place that is that remote from a hospital seems pretty obvious that you need a freakin helo.... What about calling the local county Sheriff dispatch? This has been my plan, short of someone having a gizmo with an oh shit button. Sheriff departments have helo and search and rescue departments they seem like the best bet to me to coordinate help. Thoughts?
  10. California

    @dyrtmon CARLA on Snow Mt? Always wondered if that was viable in an emergency.
  11. Mule tape plus sticks found locally sounds like much better use of pack space considering how often you might use it. Mule tape plus another bike and you can make a redneck winch.
  12. It's all wild ass guessing unless you send the oil to be analyzed regularly.
  13. Search for posts by @Jeff aka Bolt he has gotten a lot of guys hooked on these tires.
  14. Ok I hear this time and time again all balls etc is junk. Order from a local bearing house. Ugh that would probably be an 1 hr trip sitting in traffic and would not gurantee that they will have everything. Anyone have an online source you can order from? What info do I need to know to order? I have calipers. But do I need to know what material the bearings are, like seals and what not? Just lost.
  15. Don't know yet, but I've been cold actually wearing it. That never used to happen. But I've been wearing various pressure suits for last 10 years. So may not be good comparison from Fox air frame.