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  1. dubroots125

    loncin 110cc performance parts

    i wouldnt know wot engine would fit in the bike, maybe you could post one on here next time you c 1
  2. dubroots125

    wot u think for £300

    ive put bigger 12" wheels on it (front and back) and handle bar risers and its like a totally different bike its faster that my 50cc gilera runner scooter wich does about 53mph so it cant be that bad, the rear swingarm,handlbars and part of the frame is alloy, all the welds look pretty srtong and ive taken it out in the woods and abused it on the ruffest terrain you can find (it literally goes through anything) it amazing how much you can adapt theese bikes,you can totally change the size and hight of the whole thing Has anyone got any suggestion about changing my suspension ive done a few little jumps on the hills in the woods (about 3 foot highest) but it would be nice to have a it a little bit softer to land on, any suggestions? ill post some pics of it when i get some
  3. dubroots125

    pit bike videos!!!

    nice jumps
  4. dubroots125

    Chinese 50?

    how much did you pay for an ishock? i need better suspension i already have an alloy swingarm on my chinese loncin 110cc pit bike was it hard to change the ishock for the origional one?
  5. dubroots125

    loncin 110cc performance parts

    can i bore it to 125cc? were would i get the kit from and how much faster would it make it? i have changed the 10/10" wheels to 12"/12"/ ones, its alot better and a bit quicker (wheelies in third gear)
  6. dubroots125

    What size WHeels?

    i just bought a bike with 10"/10" wheels there way to small for off road i think, ive swaapped them for 12"/12" its way better and alot faster id say go with bigger
  7. dubroots125

    rear shock

    hi, i need a new rear shock for my 110cc pit bike, it already has an alloy swingarm(cradle) and it needs something that can take small jumps anyone know of a good cheap shocker? ive heard of an ishock how much are they and would it fit? thanks
  8. dubroots125

    sproket size?

    i dont know the size, there the standard ones it came with
  9. dubroots125

    sproket size?

    hi, i have a 110cc pit bike with 12" wheels, i want more top end (just a little bit) wot sproket should i change (front or back) and wot size should i change it for also were do i get it from its a 110cc loncin engine any info apreciated
  10. dubroots125

    pit bike videos!!!

    hi, I wanna see some videos and pictures of pit bikes any videos that you know of from the internet or even your own videos post them here also post pictures of your bikes for all to see!!
  11. dubroots125

    loncin 110cc performance parts

    wot will the high comp piston do for my speed? will it fit and will it work better than a 114cc big bore?
  12. dubroots125

    loncin 110cc performance parts

    hi, I have a 110cc loncin motor on a chinese pit bike,its a strong little bike but i want to give it a bit faster top end any ideas and places to get parts for it? bore kits pipes carb that sort of thing. i can find theese parts but i dont know wot will fit my bike can it be bored to 125cc or 120cc maybe?
  13. dubroots125

    bike wont start too much compression valves adjusted

    u get a f****n honda you rich Bastard!
  14. dubroots125

    My Boys New Bike

    thats nice! were did you get the honda graphics from?
  15. dubroots125

    wot u think for £300

    its not a six stroke motor its a 4 stroke with a 2 stroke style pipe i put big 12" wheels on it and it goes through anything! its a good quality bike