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  1. Got a 120/90 on my 09, tight fit put hooks up well. Had a 120/90 on my 06, tried a 110/90 but found the back very loose!! With the 110/90 the front end was much better (no pushing)! But no rear grip! Think it depends on riding style!!!
  2. Mine did that too!! I put a post on here about it and was told it would go and it did after the first ride!! Have fun
  3. The pipe folded down, its not to bad but not going to get the oil filter out with it on! I don't want to put a original pipe back on, as if you drop the bike on its side it just bends it down! The 2006 pipe never did this:smirk: Is there a pipe which is tighter to the motor?
  4. Can some one help me? I bent the header pipe on Sunday after being taken out!!! I don't want to replace the rear pipe, so what pipe can I get which will fit! Also can you get one which does not stick out more than the rad so it does not get bent when you go down:smirk: This is the only fault I can pick on this bike!!! It Rocks!!! Oliver
  5. Had to change this seal before, You have to take the clutch cover off and remove the clutch bolts and springs and remove the rod which goes on to the pull shaft then the pull will just pull out!! It's a 10min job!! Seems to go after a very muddy meeting!! Hope this Helps!
  6. As anyone checked thier scavenge pump screen for silicone on there 09? I did my 06 which took 5mins but took the side casing of my 09 to find the flywheel in the way!! Has anyone done it or has the silicone issue gone??? Thanks:ride:
  7. Here it is my new toy!
  8. Thanks for the help, may get the forks and shock re-valve etc after break in!!
  9. Just got my 09 this week and what a bike!!! When you push down on the front forks they seem to be noisy like they are dry (no oil in them)??? Have not ridden the bike yet so don't know if that will fix it? Is this normal as my 06 was not like this???
  10. I put a little oil on the piston, rings and pin. Ran it up on the stand a couple of times, did one lap slow, then flat out!!!!
  11. Hi there did mine last week, the spring side faces the impeller!! I changed both seals, outer and inner, keeps the oil out of the water!!!
  12. My water pump seals went yesterday, I got some new seals, remove the right hand engine cover and found that the Oil seal which seals and oil filter feed pipe had split!! I also broke one of the bearings which are behind the water pump seals!! So it back to the 2 stroke 250cc tomorrow as its race day
  13. My seals have gone! 15 hours on the clock!!
  14. I have been doing that for years!! Never had to change a bearing yet!!
  15. Try here: http://www.nbsupercycle.com/servicemanuals/04servicemanuals.htm