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  1. steve336

    Tell me about my ankle Dr Mark!

    "stretching the heel cord" Ive seen you mention this a few times what are some good exercises?
  2. steve336

    Recovering from a pilon fracture?

    Thx again Doctor for your time 3 weeks is when our mx track starts up for open practice .I'll give it a go then gingerly of of course with some new Boots!! narrowed it down to the Oxtars or Sidi's.
  3. steve336

    Recovering from a pilon fracture?

    Thx doc Thats where im at right now I think i can still get some more downward motion. Upwards Im maxed out the PT said i had about 15 degrees of movement and will be able to function normally,, everyday life . But I was wondering about MX so i put on a pair of boots and i can move my ankle more than the boot allows. Just wondering about the impacts? The doctors said i should avoid running and wear some sort of cushioned insoles for now on.
  4. Has anyone here had an ankle injury like this? was wondering how it was riding again or even if its possible? I broke my ankle starting at the joint moving verticle about 6 inches then out the side. I had and external fixator for about 3 months. That was removed in Dec 05 and have seen slow progress since,, more strength and more movement. But have lost alot of movement overall. Thx