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  1. What an awesome feeling! I was out on a private track and I finally got tired of singling the whoops, so I just gave it alot of gas and doubled my way through. And the awesome part is, that it was so easy! Ya'll should try it if ya haven't. Oh yeah, it really saves your arms too!
  2. I race her all the time, she is really good!
  3. My honest opinion is I think that it would depend on the job. It depends on alot of things, such as. say it's a Corporation that is generally run by men, depending on their mindset, I think that very attractive woman would have a better chance than if she were to be in a corporation full of women. Maybe it's a double standard. It is hard to say. NE Ways, hope that kinda helps!
  4. Thank you ladies! And the gent! I have a race tomorow at Log Rd, I will be trying to qualify for Loretta there. I'll let you all know how I did. You all have a great weekend!
  5. That awesome. Good job!
  6. Well, for starters, the track was super sandy, but I got used to it. There was 8 girls racing, the first moto I went down(gee that's a shocker huh?), but I got back up and finished 8th, ok last, but the second moto I finished 6th and didn't wreck. So I got 7th overall. Laura Weiss won, fast b-otch, no she's awesome, She did really good, especially for just getting over mono. Hopefully I do alot better at Log Rd. this weekend. It's a Loretta Qualifier, so yeah, I'm gonna try to qualify. Of course there is going to be a ton of people there, but I guess that's more people I have to pass!! LOL~ Are you planning on going??? I hope so. Hope things are going well with you and hope to talk to ya soon!
  7. Thank you for the tips!
  8. Hmm, that's crazy. I wonder if that could be. Heck, I'm wondering now. Does a chiro help with stiff joints and stuff too? I've never been, but my insurance pays for it, so maybe I'll have to give er a try. Thank you for the 2nd opinion though!
  9. Lol, that's funny, but also sweet. It sure does take alot of love to wipe a grown up @ss! That's awesome that it helped her though.
  10. Yeah for sure checking with a doc before any treatments, I really don't think that it's arm pump, I don't feel it in my forarm, I feel it starting from my thumb throughout my hand. I have been working in a factory since I was 18, doing assembly, auditing, building, alot of repetitious work. I think that when I ride it makes it hurt. Hell I don't know, I'm not arguin, I'll just have to see what my doc says!
  11. Well I went riding yesterday and was having pain and numbness in my hands once again. So I mentioned it and found out it could be carpal tunnel. I have read about the surgeries and methods, but I would really like to do something to help the pain while I ride/race. Yeah I can suck it up and take the pain, but when my hand gets numb, no blood circulation, and have yamathumb at the same time, I find it difficult to hang on when I ride. Any good tips or pointers? Thank you!
  12. Ha Ha, that's funny, but also a good question! Just kidding
  13. I totally agree with the massage at a spa with a friend or someone she wants to take. That is a good gift, or you can get her something that you know means alot to her. It's hard telling what to get her, cause I don't know her, but one great tip........ If you get her gifts and stuff,, PLEASE, don't think that it has to stop after you get married.
  14. LOL, That is funny and true!!
  15. HEY WOMAN! I am so bummed that you can't make it I know how it is being busy. I will miss ya, and I hope to get to ride with ya soon. I'll have to try to kick some extra arse for ya! I'm hoping that your lovin that bike you have. Hope to talk to ya soon. Laters!