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  1. dryhay

    what's that

    but it's not my bike. i was trying to answer a question for my friend.
  2. dryhay

    what's that

    howdy. xr250 rear shock res has a schrader valve on bottom. what goes in there and what pressure is it? i know that rearend sure is mushy. thanks.
  3. howdy, my 04 450r will not kick over, start, with the kicke r. each time it has to be dragged. but it only takes about 10 feet then runs the rest of the day and cranks easily. any ideas? thanks.
  4. advil, ben gay, and ace bandages. or is that just me?
  5. dryhay

    What songs get you PUMPED!!!

    culture club-do you really want to hurt me or wham- wake me up before you go-go. after a quick listen to those, nothing can hurt me. brain damage perhaps.
  6. dryhay

    County Line Hare Scramble 4/15 Any Info?

    ooooo, sorry. the correct answer would have been nw florida area. cause there are very few scrambles around here. thanks for the info.
  7. dryhay

    County Line Hare Scramble 4/15 Any Info?

    hare scramble? in the southeast? where and when? there is a county line track here but i do not think it is the same one. thanks.
  8. dryhay

    fork caps

    i have now. (brain fart) thanks!!!
  9. dryhay

    fork caps

    howdy, have a hare scramble coming up in 3 weeks and i need to put some spacers in the front forks. problem is one will not come off. i have worked on it to the point of damaging the hex, and no go. any ideas? thanks.
  10. dryhay

    Racing MX vs Quads

    but i'm not a tard, i'm not a tard! and i have have size 13 feet!
  11. dryhay

    Racing MX vs Quads

    yea i know, and i can't type either.
  12. dryhay

    Racing MX vs Quads

    you guys never fail to amuse, well some of you. "quads are great and bikes are for nazis" or "bikes are ridden by real men and quads are for fags" i have both and enjoy both. this is like harley riders that will not wave to metric riders. it's all massive stupidity. if you do not like something, do it take any skin off your nose if someone else does? the people who do not like either one just relish any conflict between the groups they are opposed to. just remember "divide and conquer", it works every time.
  13. dryhay


    howdy. me and my friend want to take a run at that sera series in the southeast. any of yall tried that one, and what did you think? thanks
  14. dryhay

    Who Is Your Favorite Motocross Rider?

    i kind of like that justin kenney kid from the lites series. i saw him a few times on that show on speed, and i liked his drive. tough in a quiet, layed back way.
  15. morning fellows, quick question. i've done a quick read on the site to find the answer but no luck, so i'll ask yall. 6-4, 265 lbs, xr400, and i would like to put spacers in the front for some extra gravy. i assume it's easy to do but i have no idea about spacer length. any idea about where to find that? thank yall kindly.