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  1. CRF_brett

    Need a picture of a 2004 CRF150

    I dont have a photoshop programe on my comptuer. I've tried all day looking for a 04' with stock graphics and a black seat cover, you wouldn't think it would be that hard to find but it dam well is! lol. If anyone comes acrossed one, send it. Thanks guys.
  2. I am looking for a picture of a 2004 CRF150 with stock graphics and a black seat cover. I'm going to need to buy a new seat cover soon and i wanna see what it will look like befor i put one on it. If one of you guys could find me a picture that was so GRATE!! Thanks for looking and thanks for your help! CRF_brett,
  3. CRF_brett

    man....that blows

    'shit happends' But really i would be pissed if that happend to me.
  4. CRF_brett

    my wheelie

    I'll try to help you out. When my best friend trys out my CRF150 (that use to be his, before i bought it) he can wheelie my hole school parking lot with it. it's awesome here's how he does it put the 150 in 2nd gear dont pop the clutch just pull up on the front end as had as you can and give it a shot of gas at the same time. That bike will come up but we the bike so it's wheelieing very his and then just balance it so you dont haft to over rev it. If your doing it right you should be able to just give it shots of gas and go forever. BTW: while your doing all this and your wheelieing make sure your sitting down and your butt if way back on the seat almost to your back fender. Good Luck, and if your about to go over backwords tape that back break and she will come right down. Dont hurt yourself
  5. Yeah sorry about that, this topic can be deleted or what ever, i've got what i needed out of it. Later guys
  6. yeahhhhhh I'll put er on this weekend
  7. Will a stock rear sproket off a 2004 CRF230 (50 tooth) work on my 2004 CRF150 becuase my stock rear sproket that is on my 150 is a 48 tooth. Thanks guys keep on giviner'
  8. CRF_brett

    Lets Have A Little Contest Here!!

    Nice looking 150's guys, I leave my 150 at my friends house when i'm there next i'll grab his diggy and snap some shots of my 04' CRF150. Keep postin' pics of your 150's guys, wicked topic
  9. CRF_brett

    2 crf 150s stock one is faster

    I've been in these situations befor, I own a 04' CRF150 and my best friends dad owns a 03' CRF150 when my friend takes his dads bike out we will go up and down dirt roads and race the 03' always wins not by much maby hafe a bike lanth or something. And yes i find when i drive 03' CRF 150's they feel like a new bike (not broke in yet) mine feels differnt then the 03's i find the 03's peeerrrrrr like a kitten haha. But i still like my 04' a hell of a lot more
  10. CRF_brett

    how do u shift in a wheelie

    I suck at doing wheelies too i might be able to go 3 yards or something at the most my friend on the other had can wheelie big parking lots it's pretty wicked, but yeah i'll keep on practicing, wonder how good i'll be at the end of summer
  11. Alright cool thanks guys! Brett.
  12. There is a 05' CRF150 rear suspention on eBay for sale and i'm thinking about trying to buy it for my 150 the only problem is my 150 is a 2004 and the supention on eBay came out of a 2005 Is there any differnce between the years for the suspention or is it the exact same, so i can just bolt it in and ride and finally not haft to worry about this stupid suspention ever again lol. Thanks for your help guys Brett.
  13. CRF_brett

    Pics of 110 rear tire on my 230

    That will rub on your muffle soo bad.
  14. CRF_brett

    buying a 230

    Like everyone is saying the 230 is tuff as hell i dont have one i have a 150 but there pretty much the same thing kind of, i have a friend who beats his 230 to hell didn't wash it all summer or clean the air filter (what a shame ) but it still runs and starts everytime I also have a friend with a CRF250 the bike has alot of power and you would love it if you can handel it witch you probley could i drove it about 2 monthes ago for my first time and i wish i could still be riding it right now sooo fast and soo much power i bet it will do 135-140 klm/h easy but the maitenance is not so fun you gotta change you fluids after about every 5 rides clean your air filter after everyride and you can't pin it in 5 gear or she will blow i also had a deal that told me if you need the motor fixed it is very expensive and very complicated and hard to do. If you have the money and a nice garage and the desier to keep it well maintaned i would go for the CRF250 but if your looking for something to put gas in and go all day long and then come home and do it all again tomorrow i would go with the CRF230.