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  1. Again guys, I appreciate the feedback, this website is great, my ultimate goal would be to have both bikes, but the wife is having no part of that. I think if I was in the West where most of you ride, I wouldn't be having this urge for a lighter more flickable bike, but here in Louisiana, it's mostly tight woods riding. I will keep all of you posted on my decision. Thanks, Howard
  2. Dr. 400, Thanks for the reply, I am looking for that sort of feedback. If you don't mind, what bike are you riding now? Howard
  3. I have been looking at the 300xc which weighs 216lbs. ready to go, that's 50lbs. lighter than the 450x ready to go. I wish I could afford to have both.
  4. Guys, I need some advice, I have a 2005 crf250x and a 2006 crf450x and absolutely love both bikes, especially the 450, all the power I could ever want and the bike handles great. I am 5'11" and 170lbs. and mostly trail ride in Louisiana. My problem is that I would like something lighter and I have been looking at the KTM 300xc (50bls. lighter that my 450x). Have any of you guys ridden the 300xc? I would welcome any of your input on the bike, i.e. 2 stroke maintenance, handling and vulnerability of the exhaust. Thanks, Howard
  5. Guys, Thanks for all of your responses, especially "gprodick", that is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. I am real close to buying the bike, trying to arrange to ride one in the next week. Very appreciative. Howard
  6. I currently have a 2006 crf450x and love the bike, however, it is heavy and I am considering the 300xc. I am looking for comparable power without the weight(265lbs. vs 216lbs. is huge). I don't mind kick starting since my battery rarely works anyway I am used to kick starting. As easy as mine is to kick start, I understand the 300xc is even easier. I mostly ride trails in the woods and think the 300xc would be much easier to throw around. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, especially from someone who has ridden 450 four stroke and the 300xc. Thanks, Howard
  7. I used the Cycra number plate, easiest install, just need zip ties, check out my garage, there is a picture. Howard
  8. Again, thanks for all the information, I have had a 250x for quite a while and have not had the battery problem, got the battery tender and it works great, have not had time to put a lot of riding in since getting it, will test out in Arkansas on the 4 day ride and report back. I am bringing the 250x as backup just in case. Can't wait for next Tuesday to get here
  9. Thanks for the advice, I have already rejetted and repiped, I am also going to get a battery tender, hopefully the bike just needs to get broken in. That is going to happen soon, going to Arkansas w/ a group for 4 days of nothing but dirt bike riding
  10. I have recently purchased a 2006 450x after having been on a 250x for a while and absolutely love this bike. My problem, I have about 110 miles on the bike and I just had to get my 2nd battery. I am hoping that I have just had bad luck with the batteries, however, I can't kick start the bike. When my battery went dead on me for the 2nd time in the woods this past weekend, I could not get it started, had to pull start w/ 4 wheeler. I am sure there is some little gimmick or trick that I am not considering when trying to kick. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Lee, Thanks for the information, very useful. Howard
  12. I have a riding buddy who just bought a 2008 KLX450R and I am trying to convince him that he needs to rejet. I have a CRF450X and have rejetted with JD and it's a totally different bike. I see here in your forum that a lot of you are rejetting also. My question is what is the stock main jet on the KLX450R? I went from a 142 to a 170 and I am at sea level. I just don't know what the stock jet is in his bike with out breaking his carb down. Thanks for the help, and by the way I really like his bike. Thanks, Howard
  13. Byron, You just can't stand it, you have to get something else to tweak it out. Later, Howard
  14. mikey m I did the same thing on me 250x and they are the same bars. It was the bushings, took em apart and replaced the bushings and was straight after that. Those renthal bars are pretty strong. Good luck Howard
  15. Thanks guys, that's exactly the information I was looking for, appreciate the feedback Howard