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  1. noshoes

    Where to ride near Phoneix?

    I do most of my winter riding west of Phx. There's a bazillion miles of roads, trails, and open desert around Tonopah. Gila bend to the south, Wickenburg to the north, and colorado river to the west. Summer riding is mostly up in the Bradshaws. Or early morning in the Belmont mnts, which are near tonopah. Got a good staging area at the homestead too. Just a hop skip and jump from the Hassayampa riverbed, if you want to ride sand... noshoes
  2. noshoes

    Best Place for OEM Parts Online?

    I remember them days....sigh I haven't found a decent Honda Dealer in AZ yet. Every single one in the Phx area has boned me one way or the other. We got a new one last year, and I bought a new XRL from them. Took it in for first tuneup stuff, and they stripped the sparky plug hole getting the plug out. Took em 7 (seven) weeks to get the bike back to me...I was not a happy camper. I don't even want to buy a filter from them now....
  3. noshoes

    Mick Andrews Trials School

    I attended a couple of his trials schools back in the early '90s, and suspect I learned more at them than any of the other schools I went to. Good basic instruction and alot of fun too.
  4. noshoes

    Yuma to Gila Bend

    About 20 miles west of Gila Bend, is a campground called Painted Rocks. There's a real nice loop out of there to Caliente, and up to Arlington. Are the bikes plated? If so, you can do Arlington back to Gila Bend on old US80. If not plated, there's miles and miles of good riding before getting to Arlington..