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  1. j-man

    bike with brand new top end hard to start?

    I have checked it many times. It's all on the timming is right. I thought the same when I first got the motor back together. When the exhaust valves where loose it was worse It will start first kick, runs great, got holeshot both motos last weekend. It's just like you said Shawn it's like the decomp comes in late. I can just apply pressure and it will start moving from top dead, but I can't kick it like I used from top dead.
  2. j-man

    fork bleeders

    i feel they are a waist of money. they always leak due to the o-rings that hold them together. I have never had a pair snap off in a crash. I used them for years, but always noticed that there was oil always around them. Screw driver works the best.
  3. j-man

    bike with brand new top end hard to start?

    . Again,My timming is not off that I'm sure of. I have the exhaust set at a tight .28 and intake are at .15. It's like the hotcam changed the lift so much that it made the bike hard to start. I can apply pressure to the kick starter and it will start moving. I then complete the full kick and she starts on the 1st kick. This was my first 07Honda to replace the cam with an Hotcam. I used to be able to kick it alot easier before the rebuild. I didn't think you could adjust the decomp, But I might try and tighten the spring on the decomp lever making the rpms increase before it starts moving. Anybody tried this?
  4. j-man

    bike with brand new top end hard to start?

    My bike is an 07. I'm really not sure if you can adjust the decomp or not. Any help would be nice.
  5. j-man

    bike with brand new top end hard to start?

    Ok I just replaced the top end also and have the same problem. New piston, etc and installed new vlaves. I also installed an Stage 2 hot cam. I have the same problem as thumper1241. I checked timming and it's spot on. Valves where loose on the exhaust, but on the money on intakes. I shimed the exhaust and I checked everything again last night and all is normal. It's running great but it's gotten hard to start just like the decomp is not working.
  6. j-man


    New Bike in a can. The Best by far.
  7. j-man

    07 rebuild hard to kick!!!!

    Pull your valve cover back off and check to see if the decomp pin is inside the lobe of the decomp shaft. If not you would have the problem you describe. The decomp is different in the 07 and the 08. sounds like you decomp to me.
  8. http://www.mgxunlimited.com This company has the best grafics I have ever used. They come in 19 mil thick that stay on your bike and handles the abuse of MX. You can choose what sponsors you want in any of the locations. Give them a try:thumbsup: These are two years old on the 08 I use to have
  9. j-man

    Valve Clearance Check

    When your valves have no clearence the valve stays open a small amount. This is when you have no compression and your unit becomes hard to start.
  10. j-man

    Just got my ship date

    I work for a powerhouse dealer here in Ark. We got our 2010 250f yesterday. I put it together today. I already have a deal working on it, so it may be sold. I will say that it is really is really nice for an 250
  11. j-man

    Hot Cams Stage 2 Review. HOT!

    Did you notice any loss from the bottom end?
  12. j-man

    09 Recall, can't get parts???

    Have your dealer call the tech line at honda. They will ship him a recall kit for your bike.
  13. j-man

    09 fuel pump answer

    The part # is 16706-HN8-A62. This is the fuel filter for the TRX420. It will fit but is somewhat bigger the the stock one for the CRF450. When talking with tech line at Honda, they where working on a part # for the stock CR fuel pump.
  14. j-man

    Help need to find 09 fuel pump

    just take the fuel pump apart and claen the filter. It worked for me.
  15. j-man

    Pictures of 09's

    I was able to get the trim kit and the shroud kit seperate and put it together to get the look. The white front fender is icing on my cake.