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  1. ridebigrideblue

    Ttr125le Bars?

    I put the Tag mini highs on my wifes and they are a great set of bars. I've personaly had better luck with Tag than ProTaper. In the hard crashes the Tags seem to take it better. I've had the same pair on my 426 since the second ride (distroyed the stock bars in the first hour), and I've crashed that thing pinned in 5th about 5 times. The tags really go with the rest of the "bomb proofness" of the 426.
  2. ridebigrideblue

    230 Yamaha or Honda?

    Neither is a very good choice for anyone other than an adult male looking to do some trail cruising. They are very heavy, about the same as a 450. I think they are actually heavier. If your son can get a toe or two one the ground get him a 250F. I feel that the CRF and the YZF are about equal except the YZF will usually take a crash a little better. If he simply out grow the power of the old bike get the new CR150R. There is nothing like it. I hope Yamaha comes out with a new YZ150F soon. My wife has moved behond the TTR and I really want to stay with Yams but that 150 is the best bike for her. She is only 5 feet tall so a full size is out, although she loves to take my 426 out as long as I can hold it for her to get on and off.