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  1. wfo24-7

    Back in 1986

    Anyone see the motor on the one that was wheelieing and throw one heck fo a roost??? It looked big enough to be a street bike motor. That would be a blast in the dunes!!!! 160 hp in a three wheeler with paddles!!!!! HOLD ON!!!!
  2. wfo24-7

    Crash or Save???

    I can still ride a bike fairly well. But really, your elbows are down, your looking at your front tire and your foot is at least by if not behind your peg at the half way point. If you didn't go down, you got lucky as all get out!!!!!
  3. wfo24-7

    Villopoto on the 09 450

    you can really tell its not like a 250F. Plus he really didn't look too smooth(yet).
  4. This is 3.9 seconds @ 136mph in 660FT!!
  5. wfo24-7

    Casing Larocco's Leap

    Thats the best statement I've heard on this forum yet. Truth hurts many!!!
  6. wfo24-7

    Casing Larocco's Leap

    Red Bud is the funnest track I've ridden in Michigan. It's wide open everywhere. I haven't been there since I was on a 125, but now that I have my 450 I would love to follow someone over it. I'm too scared to do it by myself because its completely blind.
  7. wfo24-7

    Is this brian deegans bike?

    Brian Deegan "racing" a motorcycle now-a-days isn't a piece of racing history! Maybe if it was one of his race bikes ten years ago. Oh and the price is out of control. Tally up how you could put into your bike even after buying new for m.s.r.p., bet it doesn't come close to ten grand!!!
  8. Well I have degrees printed on my bars and I run them @ 1.5 degrees forward and I'm only 5' 8". Alot of mini cycle riders run them forward like that to give them room when their to big for the bike. The downside is trying to lay it down in corners because of the geometry you've created.
  9. wfo24-7

    Fat boy hogging the track

    I agree with slamming someone in a corner to get by but with that aside... what kind of helmet cam do you have because thats the best footage i've seen yet??
  10. Whip it sooner and i'll take it.... but not bad