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    DRZ250 sticky throttle

    i cant imagine it would have rattled enough to notch the guides coz it only has 1000kms on it but it definitely sounds right that the vacuum is causing the slide to bind. i might just pull off the rubber boot on the side of the carb and try putting pressure on the slide with m finger while i open the throttle, if it sticks then ill know what it is. ive ordered a jet ket for it so when that gets here ill pull the carb to bits and see if i can work it out. slightly off topic but how do you remove the rod that holds the float in place? is there some trick to it or do you just have to tap it out gently with a punch or something?
  2. dr00

    DRZ250 sticky throttle

    the accelerator pump is moving smoothly. i did notice when i was putting it back together that the plunger is tight enough in the hole that it wont fall out if i put it in there without the spring but it falls out with a light tap.
  3. dr00

    DRZ250 sticky throttle

    yeah ive lubed the cable and even had it checked by a shop but like i said i dont think its the cable because the throttle functions smoothly and perfectly while the bike is off. its only when the bike is running that it sticks and it seems to get worse with higher revs. if the throttle slide had burrs on it would there be a reason for it to only hang up when the engine is running?
  4. Hey guys, long time reader first time poster. Just picked up a 2007 DRZ250 for the wife here in Western Australia (or Wistun Strahlya as we call it) so its the TM28 pumper carb. It only had 989kms on it but it was sitting in a shed for a year before we bought it and I'm having some issues with the carb. Basically the throttle opens and closes smoothly when the bike is off so the cable is fine (and its just been lubed anyway) but when the engine is running the throttle doesnt like to open from the closed position. Its bearable when taking off but when youre riding and you shut the throttle it sticks closed quite badly and you need to push it past the sticky point meaning the revs jump a bit. not so good mid corner and just generally disconcerting for the wife when shes trying to learn to ride. dont know if its related or not but it also seems to bog down quite a lot on take off and stalls easily trying to get over stuff at low speed. ive just pulled the carb out and attacked it with carb cleaner but im not real cluey when it comes to carbs. there seemed to be a bit of gunk i cleaned out of the pilot jet and pilot screw so that may have fixed the low revs bogging (i havent had a chance to take it for a test ride yet) but it hasnt fixed the main issue of the sticking throttle. any help greatly appreciated