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  1. ULI450F

    Looking For Oregon Motocross Tracks

    There is a track in Roseburg. It is called Clark's Branch. Not sure if it is still open. Call one of the bike shops in Roseburg. I am sure they will know.
  2. ULI450F

    Stolen Bikes, Everett WA

    Really sorry to hear that. I live in Arlington but I work in Marysville. I will keep my eyes and ears open.
  3. ULI450F

    Need advice on plug fouling.

    Go 40:1 and use Maxima 927 oil. Maxima is a little more expensive, but it saves on plugs.
  4. ULI450F

    Anyone get nailed on db limit?

    dirtcheapjohn is right, I have been to Coos Bay several times and never been checked for noise, same with Salmon Harbor and I have been there for Memorial and labor day with no problems.
  5. ULI450F

    Where do you plan on being next weekend?

    Heading to Walker Valley, Yzfbxr is right, you wanna get some good riding in. You gotta get there early and be done by noon.
  6. ULI450F

    All u Washington State Riders

    Like tow69 said, check out the Desert 100
  7. ULI450F

    06` yz 450

    thats the problem I have now is the popping. Thanks for the info
  8. I tried on a pair of 10's and didn't like them, so I went with the 8's. They seem to fit my feet alot better than the 10's did.
  9. ULI450F

    2006 Stumpjumpers Desert 100 Flyer

    First time at this event and I can't wait. Great info on the camping. That is one question I had and it has already been answered. Thanks
  10. ULI450F

    All u Washington State Riders

    big Walker Valley rider here. Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in and say " whasss up".!!
  11. ULI450F

    New to forum, got ?

    I posted a thread about jetting and I don't know why I can not see replys. Anybody help me out?
  12. ULI450F

    06` yz 450

    Hey all, I am new to this forum and hoping to get a warm welcome. I just got my bike 2 weeks ago and have some questions on jetting. Got a new pipe, header isn't in yet, What should I do about jetting? By the way, I was a 2-stroke rider, YZ 250. But not anymore!!!