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    I hate graphics!!!!!!

    Well I called One Industries and luckily they are going to be soon discontinuing the Hart and Huntington white graphics. So I ordered a set for the Cr's cause I heard they are similar. I was able to get them without the plastics He said it was rare to be able to do that but on those he was able too.
  2. shift1208

    I hate graphics!!!!!!

    Thanks for the response but niether of those are for a 03 CRF450.
  3. shift1208

    I hate graphics!!!!!!

    I have been going crazy looking for graphics lately for my 03 CRF450 a couple years ago I whited out my bike and was going to go with the One Industries snow camo. But a couple months after I got the money together they stopped making it. So then I call up One industries thismoring to see if they can reprint them either the snow camo or maybe a Carey Hart Ibike kit. They said with the technology they use it cost to much to reprint one set of graphics. Correct me if I am wrong but Don't they just input it into the computer and then out it comes. Then I called Factory Effex They didn't say they couldn't reprint the Carey Hart DVS graphics but they won't cause they don't have a relationship with him anymore. Which makes sense. I have even gone as far to finding people selling bikes with graphics I want to see if I could buy them. This is a royal pain. I don't really like any of the custom kits they aren't what I am looking for. Any Ideas? Anybody have any graphics laying around?
  4. They are close but the bottom shroud holes are different. You have to trim them. I have tried and didn't like how they came out.
  5. shift1208

    Help 50 wont run right

    i will try thanks
  6. shift1208

    Help 50 wont run right

    yes of course i let it warm up
  7. My girlfriends 50 will not run right. After you start it when you try to give it gas it dies. It basically acts like it ran out of gas. I tried agusting air and fuel with no results. I also bought a used carb and put it on. Still nothing its really weird the bike used to run fine now it wont. It has a bbr pipe and uni air filter. Please help this is really pissing me off!!!