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  1. I have a 79 tt500 runs like a champ. the problem is, when i get out of the throttle it puffs a bit of smoke. it will not do it when i am giving it gass. i have put a k@n filter and a second oil line to feed the exhaust valve. what do you think is causing this? john
  2. brent, i am leaving for australia wednesday (work), i will fly into sidney then to mackay. i will be there for about 7 days.
  3. over the last few days i have put on a k&n air filter (replace stock air box), new supertrapp, progresive shocks, progresiv springs, new points, condenser and plug. i now have 3 new problems. 1- when i make a high speed run and let off it will puff white smoke as it winds down. it may have done this before. i never noticed it. 2- it seems to be softer @ the low end (grunt work). it is like this with 8 or 12 disks. 3- it seems to have a front end shimmy at high speed. the forks are set the same. i did lower them in the tree about an inch to make up for the new rear shocks. one more question. are the k&n filters pre oiled from the factory? the crank breather was white and came with lube. the air filter was red and came with none. please help john
  4. 14cm

    engine rebuilder wanted

    eddie, did you get my pm john
  5. i am looking to have someone rebuild my tt500 powerplant this winter. i will be getting the frame powder coated and reworking all the frame items. if you think you can do it, DO NOT REPLY. if you have worked on this engine a bunch and know the tuning tricks please reply. thanks john
  6. 14cm

    carb/pipe kit

    i found an old post about a 36mm/white brothers exaust kit for sale in the tt store. i can not find anything on that website. please help john
  7. i have a 79 tt500 that will start awsome cold. however, when it is hot you can wear the kick starter out. what causes this ? how can i fix it ? thanks john
  8. 14cm

    79 tt500 help

    first off, i am not a good mechanic, i do have some skills though. i just purchased a beutiful 79 tt. it looks and runs awsome. cold, choke and one kick. warm, one kick and i am off. but it does have some problems. 1-when you lean it to the side while running it pukes gass from the bottom breather tube. is this normal? 2-when you are putting around and flog the gas it wants to fall flat on it's face. then it picks up. 3-the lower banjo fitting for the oiler tube is leaking. it is not loose. is this an easy fix? 4-where the clutch arm goes in the case i have an oil leak. easy fix? last one. sometimes when i shift down into first it will hit netural. i do not think i am short shifting it. thanks for any help john