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    Warning: Ssr 125 D

    I rode at Racetown 395 in socal. Thank you for the advice DEMON DAVE
  2. damxer247

    Warning: Ssr 125 D

    I do apologize for my first post, but when things are not cracked up to how they should be and it ends your day on the track, it is downright frustrating.
  3. damxer247

    Warning: Ssr 125 D

    Today was the first day this pit bike that we ordered from outlawpowersports has seen the dirt and for one, the ignition cover busted on it after the second lap on the mini track was complete, do to the fact that the rear sprocket came loose (tightened it when we got it) and threw the chain. Once I managed to attach the ignition cover back on, I headed out to the mini track again and I did not even finish my second lap, when the rear shock broke . By this time I was absolutly ticked off because this cheap product broke under little stress. I was going as slow as the little kids on the track when it busted. So my advice to everyone is, DO NOT BUY ANY SSR BIKES. And yes I heard that these pit bikes were comparable to others of higher price and that is why I purchased this one, but boy was that wrong. Now, I just want to get my money back, so that I can get a Pitster (or something nicer), but they just want to replace the shock for free, which is nice, but the same thing will happen again. On a side note, the bracket which holds the spark arrester in place broke as well, from riding it on the street. Thanks for reading...