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  1. Shawbridge Husky

    2001? Yzf 426 stroked complete resto

    Hey Nick, here are the tank pics ! Back in black.
  2. Shawbridge Husky

    Ressurection YZ426F

    Yeah that would be great thanks !
  3. Shawbridge Husky

    Ressurection YZ426F

    To OP : If you have not yet returned the clutch cover I would take it off your hands. Good idea on the coil mod, I have to get to that ! You think Mike Dean would make me up another kit ?
  4. Shawbridge Husky

    Ressurection YZ426F

    Good choice of frame color. Now you can do any color plastic theme on bike. I did same, but powdercoat. To do again would just useautomotive paint with a hardener and save monies.
  5. Shawbridge Husky

    1978 YZ 80

    I had one in '78 and '79. I was a small 15 YO but eventually outgrew it and broke the frame twice in back near the swingarm pivot.I got the new '79 125 I the fall soon after and rode that two or three years. Then a 20 year dry spell till the YZ400F hehe.
  6. Good points GR, I'm keeping mine. Have upgraded to a Works Connection clutch / decomp lever kit. Nicer than the old stock plastic. Was thinking about doing the hotcams AD but I'll just put that money on the suspension instead.
  7. Shawbridge Husky

    Stolen WR450F (one of the worst days ever)

    Glad it worked out man. Keep it chained up even in the garage or barn and do everything you can to slow then down. At some point this could happen again. Used bikes are like taking a bus, there's one every half hour. Deals abound.
  8. Shawbridge Husky

    Yellow Plastic...

    This is the way to go for Hurricane graphics : http://ridepg.com/yamaha-retro-kit/
  9. Shawbridge Husky

    Ressurection YZ426F

    Looking great, good motivation to complete mine !
  10. Shawbridge Husky

    Stolen WR450F (one of the worst days ever)

    Horrible news buddy, I know all about depression issues myself. Riding helps yes. Hang in there and go at it one step at a time for recovering the bike.
  11. Shawbridge Husky

    2001? Yzf 426 stroked complete resto

    Nice build up, most reliable high strung four stroke out there ! Did you consider doing the 450 body conversion ? The 450 conversion is what made me decide to keep the bike and invest a little more into it. I've had it like 14 years already, not like I'm losing with it.. Being a machinist mine is going to loose some serious tonnage. The 400 / 426 were overbuilt in a lot of places. The original airbox is crazy heavy compared top to the 450 airbox / subframe unit.
  12. Shawbridge Husky

    What do you guys know about the YZ490

    OK I looked at the craigslist, that's an early eighties. Unsure exact year, but not '78-'79 The slope on the seat / tank junction is too steep for a seventies bike. It took over 20 years to get past that old horses back look. Why I love EVO bikes, almost same layout / aesthetics as moderns bikes. I feel the 78-82 air cooled YZ250 were the YZ250's golden years. Just found this great source here : http://vintageyzinfo.tripod.com/ ON edit : The big bore bike above with craigslist link from OP : I'd pass ! Went and looked at a Can-Am 250 Qualifier today, '81 bike. What a piece of dog poop ! Nothing's better to burst my bubble and vintage bike fantasy than to go looked at a clapped out old rig. I'll make the 2 hour return trip to look over the '79 250 later this week. They are asking 500, looks a little like the OP's bike but at least it's an original 250. Yes it has flat back all over it, why do people do that ?
  13. Shawbridge Husky

    What do you guys know about the YZ490

    It's a '79 400, I had the same year 125 when I was a teenager. Am looking at buying the 250 now. They are good vintage racing bikes if well set-up. Looks like an unmolested bike, go for it if price is right.
  14. Shawbridge Husky

    Another Cool Vintage Build: 1979 YZ250

    Any news on this build ? Very inspiring !
  15. Shawbridge Husky

    1979 YZ250F considering purchase

    Hi, local to me 1979 YZ250F, going to look it over tonight. Needs cosmetics badly, someone did it in flat black but from what I could tell on the pics looks solid and complete. Want to do a complete rebuild over the winter all the way down to split cases and powder coating the frame. They are asking 500, was tempted by an early eighties Can-Ams locally but have always ridden YZ with exception of my new to me road legal '08 TE450/510 Husky I still own my '99 YZ400 so the '70 250 would be a good fit and I used to tear down my '79 YZ125F often when a kid so I have confidence to pull it off. I rebuilt my YZ400F several times and am in process of doing the 450 body kit on it. Parts are plentiful as well and this will be less of a headache to overhaul and maintain / race vintage. Anyhow I'll be posting from time to time and am going to upgrade suspension and give it the OW Hurricane look with translucent side panels. Any help on what mods to do to the suspension would be welcome. I do pant on newer forks and found the All Balls fork conversion chart. I'm unsure what to do about the rear shock, would like at least another inch travel. Should I keep same shock and have it worked ?