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  1. wideflyer

    2007 450cc quad ??

    Oh yea, that would be fun. But why wait? The kfx700 is the right machine, right now. I just got a new 05 and WOW, this thing really moves.It handles like a fine MXer without the shifting. Now, I've never ridden a snowmobile, but some of my buddies tell me that the powerband is alot like one. This rig will wheelie a mile right outa the box. I've heard that with a few inexpensive mods, the 700 will top out somewhere around 100 mph. I personally don't need to go that fast, but nice to know it can. The 700 is a little heavier than the 400s but it more than makes up the difference with torque and power. So maybe by 07 I'll need a new toy, but until then I think I got the right stuff with the V twin flyin' machine
  2. wideflyer

    my first dirt bike

    Welcome to the thump club dude! Congrats on owning the BEST DIRT BIKE EVER MADE!
  3. wideflyer

    hard starting.

    I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!! I bought a nice 03 450r in Arizona last christmas. Low hrs, about 20 or 25. It started 1st or second kick every time while i was in AZ. But... When I went home to IL. the darn thing would not start worth a F k I kicked it one day 200 f king times before it finally started. I took it to my local dealer and for about 130.00 they did the "after break in" tuning which included adjusting the valves, setting the pilot screw and the mechanic literally tought me how to start the beast. When it's cold, 40 degrees or less. I give it about three full twists before kicking. Choke on, hand off of the throttle. Ease the kick starter down slowly all the way through, let it up. ease it down until it stops, then kick the s t out of it. Usually it will start but die quickly. Two more twists and a full kick and I'm running. I'll let it run a minute or two before bumpin' the gas and knockin' off the choke. Then, the funs on! When it's 45 degrees or over, about 2 twists and a couple of kicks and I'm ridin'. I'm sure the valve adjustment had alot to with gettin' mine goin', but a good routine and good techniqe is a big help too. I was to the point of tradin' it off for a bike with a BUTTON. I am soooo glad I didn't now. This thing is FAASSTT an alot of fun to ride. I truly hope your experience is as good as mine, and that some of this stuff helps you better enjoy what I belive is the BEST dirt bike EVER MADE.
  4. wideflyer

    white brothers E2

    Well, I am not too sure about the E2, But the E series does not matchup at all. The E slips right on to the stock 450R head pipe, but fits loosly into yes into the powerbomb. I used some .040 aluminum shim stock and a pipe clamp to tighten it up a little so I can use it. But I am open for suggestions on how to remedy this situation. The bomb definitly made a difference in the mid to top range and maybe a little in the low end as well. I am just to stubborn to go and buy an FMF muffler and midpipe. And besides, I really like the W/B silencer, it sounds very good with the restricter plate taken out.
  5. wideflyer

    CRF450R Backfires at Indoor Tracks?

    check your hot start adjustment.
  6. wideflyer

    Da Bomb

    I just bought a new FMF power bomb header pipe. All excited, I put that mother on and went to slip on my E- series silencer and "DOH" it don't fit. FMF says that the bomb works with a stock silencer. Well, my W/B silencer woked with the stock header. Am I now obligated to buy a FMF silencer? Or a W/B head pipe? OR, is there an adapter sleeve or some reasonable way to remedy this debochery?
  7. wideflyer

    K&N air filters

    I have been using K&N air filters for years. It is imparative that they are sealed correctly or they tend to let stuff by. Also be sure that they are seated properly on the crf or it can warp.
  8. wideflyer

    03 CRF450R Backfires

    I think your hot start is open just a little. possibly out of adjustment.