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  1. wrxmxer

    2014 yz450 balanced front to back?

    K. Thanks. I think I will try the lighter springs in the front and see how it goes. I've heard different ranges for free sag. pro-action, that's what I have, mentions 15-25mm free sag but seems like 35 is ok the more reading I do.
  2. wrxmxer

    2014 yz450 balanced front to back?

    Also just for conversation sake it seems odd that even with the 5.0 spring I am having issues setting sag. The numbers appear to show that I could go another spring lighter?? Maybe I don't actually have a 5.0 installed like he says I do.
  3. wrxmxer

    2014 yz450 balanced front to back?

    Thanks. That helps. I will be calling my tuner soon. Sounds like I got whatever springs he had on the shelve
  4. wrxmxer

    2014 yz450 balanced front to back?

    I'm 155 no gear.
  5. wrxmxer

    2014 yz450 balanced front to back?

    What I am wondering is, in general, if you move a given number of rates higher on one end should it be same on the other? Seems like it should. I have never tried measuring free sag on the forks but might tonight just as a reference.
  6. wrxmxer

    2014 yz450 balanced front to back?

    With the 5.0 and sag at 105 I am right at the limit on free sag, 35mm. I'm a light weight!!
  7. Recently had a local tuner do springs and valves on a 2014 yz450f. One thing I noticed was the number of spring rates dropped on the shock vs the springs. I dropped from 5.7 to 5.0 on the rear but only .46 from .49 in the front. Does this not lead to the bike not being "balanced" so to speak? Front feels harsh and looking to go another spring rate lighter on the forks. Won't be able to talk to the guy that did them for a few days but looking for some info.
  8. wrxmxer

    2010 valve lock issue

    Well, I got lucky! No damage other than the lock coming out. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the valve or the locks but I'm going to replace them anyway. Sent from my iPhone using Thumper Talk
  9. wrxmxer

    2010 valve lock issue

    Ya this is exhaust also. I'll keep the crank in mind. I'm in the process of taking the head off now and will see what I see I guess.
  10. How does this happen?? Bike was running fine then it just stalled out and lost compression when trying to restart.
  11. Polaris Fuel and Oil Filter 2530009 (google image search) I use one of these in the sand. I knock of the fittings on the ends and just insert into the end of the breather hose and zip tie. Perfect fit.
  12. wrxmxer

    Bottom end failures on the 2010 yz450f?

    I've heard of one. Don't know any details though, just that it went.
  13. wrxmxer

    rear spring

    Got a 5.3 from Factory Connection.
  14. wrxmxer

    St Anthony closure question

    We werent planning on heading down for a couple more weeks and were hoping the snow would be gone by then. Thanks for the onfo, we will try giving BLM a call.
  15. wrxmxer

    Idaho St Anthony closure question

    When St Anthonny dunes are closed up till April 30 do they close all of it or just a section? If some sections are kept open is it worth still making a trip down. Really hard up to ride!! Thanks.