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  1. Yes, it runs just long enough to get a little heat in the motor, then starts bogging and backfiring and dies. It has to sit for a while, or the starter just cranks the motor with no combustion. I'll have a look under the stator.
  2. yeah, I tried running the motor with the petcock on prime. I also confirmed the gas flows freely when draining the tank, thru the petcock left on prime. I smelled the dipstick, smells like motul synthetic. I can't smell any gas in the oil. I'll go ahead and change it anyway, it has about 1000mi since last change.
  3. I have a problem I've been unable to diagnose. The bike will startup fine, but after a short time it begins missing and stalls out. It will not crank again unless the bike sits for while. So far, I have completely drained the tank and replaced fuel, disassembled the carb (which was clean) I went ahead and replaced the pilot jet. I replaced the spark plug, and confirmed that the plug sparks when grounded against the frame, I checked the petcock suction hose, it is not kinked or blocked. I started the bike with the gas tank open, to see if it was a venting problem, still died after half a minute. I was thinking that perhaps the floats are sticking? I sprayed some starting fluid into the airfilter while the engine was dying, it did not help bring it back to life. 06 SM, 3/3, dynojet, yoshimura full system, kientech, otherwise stock. any ideas? thanks
  4. fasstlane

    SM to dirt conversion for under $100!!

    I'm wondering size tires you went with? 3.5 x 17" for the front? 5.3 x 17" for the rear? thanks edit- sorry, just re-read again and saw the answer. 3.5 and 5.3