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    Riding near Draper- Help!

    ya they hangglide right over my house, its so cool they just sit up there for hours. have you heard of anyone dying there, i would sure love to try it, but it seems like something you would only get one chance at. what is that hill/mtn the gliders go off? its to big for a hill it seems, but compared to the mtns its small. also, do they have any motocross tracks around here?
  2. hcdraper

    Riding near Draper- Help!

    sup fellas, i am the buddy mentioned above. i don't have my bike out here yet as its still in cali so i can go back and ride with my boys. i will definitely take you guys up on your offer and make it a point to stay in contact. i particularly like the single track trail riding, what do you guys ride. i have a yz 250 as i am still a novice unlike my vet friends. Also, i was told that the hill behind my house in draper is where the old widow maker hill climb was i can see ruts so it sounded right, can you guys confirm, thanks.