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  1. EJ250

    Pirelli MX Extra

    Is this a bidirectional tire? I was interested in this as well.
  2. EJ250

    Castle Rock WA

    Hey guys I live in Olympia and I want to check this area out. Please tell me where to park and the best areas to ride. Thank you.
  3. EJ250

    That is it I can not decide

    Which suspension is going to be better for northwest poker runs?
  4. I will be buying a 2008 KTM 250 XCF or the XCFW but I can not decide between the two. It will only be ridden for fun...poker runs harescrambles in the great northwest... Which should I go with?
  5. Hey trav I am in Olympia and looking at buying the same bike. Where did you pick yours up from? Cycle Zone? Where are they at?
  6. EJ250

    Local shop to rebuild suspension

    Thank you everyone.
  7. I need a local shop around Tacoma-Olympia to rebuild my rear shock on my 03 CR250 before I sell it to buy my 08 KTM XCFW. Do you guys know of any that will not charge me a arm and a leg? I use to go to Clevenger suspension what ever happen to them?
  8. EJ250

    250 XCF-W, Seat Height, Fuel Range

    ktmchick where did you end up getting your bike from? If I can't find one around town for the right price I may do the same thing.
  9. Thanks for all the input everyone. I think I am going to put a down payment on one so they will hold it for me when they start coming in. Now where to buy?
  10. ktmchick does your bike still work well for you? I am looking at buying the 08 250XCF-W. Is there enough power?
  11. EJ250

    Where to buy my KTM

    I was planing on buying a 2008 KTM 250 XCFW. So where to buy? I am in Olympia. The local Cycle Mart closed down. The next closest is Hinshaws are they any good? Should I go further north. I am just looking for a dealer that will treat me right with service that I might need on the bike and good people. Thank you for the help.
  12. EJ250

    07' 250 XCF-W setup

    I want to see some video of these in action! Anybody have any video of any?
  13. What did you pay for yours? If you don't mind me asking.
  14. Thank you everyone for all the great replies. I know for 2007 they are not bringing many over but I called Hinshaws today and they are getting more in March and I have heard Cliffs has one. Hinshaws also wanted I think $200 more. Cycle mart down here just sold the only one they will get this year. What is the KTM dealership to go to for customer service and parts within an hour or so of Olympia? Thanks again guys.
  15. Hello everyone, I am still new to this forum I don't usually post but lurke alot. It is a great forum. I currently ride a 03 CR 250 set up for the woods and poker runs all for fun no racing although I think I would like to do a few harecrambles here and there. All I have ever owned is 2 strokes. I have ridden a CRF450 love the torque but it is a big bike. I think I am just gettting tired of my bike. I really want to try out a four stroke and the new 07 KTM 250 XCF-W seems like an awsome bike I am 31 years young 5-10 and 165lbs will this bike be a good bike for me to ride in the woods? Does it have good power? How about maintenance (valves) I don't know of any good KTM dealers in Olympia WA. or the area. Please help. Sorry for the rant. Thank you, Erik