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  1. grahams

    470 big bore

    Yeah, well covered....94mm or 94.5mm max bore and NO IRON LINERS. Replate your cylinder or get an Athena.
  2. grahams

    SM service manual

    I just ordered one from TT oem store for $40.97, which is $11 cheaper than my dealer who gives me 20% off!! If you order a few other things like oil filters and o-rings, it is well worth the $10 join fee AND you support TT.
  3. grahams

    tack for rpm's

    I'm with you, I like to know my rpm's.... I've been considering the jr dragster tachometer sold by Jegs and Summit Racing...cool, round, analog (needle), made for one cylinder. There are a lot of nice tach/speedo/trip meter guages like Vapor too. others: www.electrosport.com, www.acewell-meter.com, "service honda", etc. Let us know which you use and how you like it!
  4. grahams

    EBC 320mm Brake Rotor kit install

    I have read that you have to unbolt rotor, put caliper on rotor, install together. Thats why Suzuki used 310mm rotor! Good luck and enjoyn your great brakes.
  5. grahams

    sprocket for highway??

    39 tooth rear seems to be common. Only a 5% drop but noticable: 6000rpm becomes 5700rpm. Anymore change than that and you might loose too much low end snap and ability to crawl with traffic. My two cents!
  6. Great info I'll use your first solution: drill and tap the cover. Thank you for all the detail in your response...the air cut will be removed! Happy trails Graham
  7. OK, went to sudco's site and answered some of my own questions (duh!). Can get 35mm and 50mm long velocity stacks.
  8. Thanks to you both for replying, Eddie and Kevin. Are tapered bell mouths easily available and is that like a velocity stack? Kevin, what would you advise on the accelerator pump? (and yes, I did get a really good deal on the carb). Keep up the good work everybody. Graham
  9. grahams

    Rio saddlebags. Good price!

    Let us know how they fit and post a picture....pretty please!
  10. Thank you Eddie! You save us all SO much time with jetting. OK, a weird one for you: Same engine same conditions with an open element like a K&N (no airbox). Would I need to rejet? This would be a flat track/cafe style bike with minimal or no body plastic. Thanks again. Graham
  11. Cool! Thank you Eddie. What jetting for '06 SM, E cams and base gasket, and a slip on '04 WRF muffler?? Oh, and 0-1000 ft elevation, 30-100 degrees, 40% humidity. Thanks again! Graham
  12. Bump. Anyone know if 1999 wr400 carb will fit/work well in DRZ ('06 SM)??? Thank you!!
  13. Is a WR400 carb an FCR that will work on a DRZ? Throttle cable issues? Thanks in advance. Graham
  14. grahams

    E cams, visible difference from S/SM?

    Eddie, you are amazing! Once again, you saved me a big pain in the rear. Looks like I got the real E's! Thanks to you all
  15. grahams

    E cams, visible difference from S/SM?

    Thanks for the part numbers but, like you said, unless I have both in my hand... I have good calipers, anyone know the measurements? (like cam lobe height)