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    Interstate Usage/Transfer of Plated DRZ400E

    Thanks! One of the states I might reappear in is Oregon (used to live just outside of Portland). From the sound of it, the bike can be registered there. Any ideas on Washington at all?
  2. New to the list and hoping that I am not completely repeating oft-asked questions about E to S conversions and vice versa, but I have a few questions: I currently live in Colorado and am trying to make the E/S decision. I have a few roadbikes so the 400 would be used more for off-road stuff, blacktop between trails and the short commute to work (from time to time). At first pass I was thinking the E with appropriate mods for registration, but I'd like to use it when I'm on a road trip in the west-coast states and Alberta and BC. Would I have any legal problems that you're aware of? Also, there's a chance I may end up moving to any one of the three west coast states (or BC) in the next year or two. Again, are you aware of any problems getting a plated E model through another State/Province's DMV's registration transfer process? I already read that CA is out unless I can demonstrate more than 7500 miles on the bike as they will assume it is "new" and that I'm trying to buck the system. Finally, if I convert an S, would any FCR39 work (with the appropriate boots and jetting etc.) or is there a specific subtype of FCR39 that I need to look out for? Cheers