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  1. hey guys i have a crf5o with the takegawa super head on an 88cc bore. it has a two bros pipe and a kitaco, rev box. For some reason it doesnt have any bottom end and it takes a while for the powerband to kick in (when it does it has buckets of power) Why dont i have any throttle response or bottom end. ?? I am also running a 22mm carb and i am wondering if i need a 24mm kehein to fix my problem but dont want to spend that money unless im sure it will fix it. Thanks Guys let me know what you's think.
  2. thanks jetster. thats the way all posts should be answered. you have cleared things up for me
  3. i just cant remember anywhere in my post were i asked if a superhead will make me a better rider????? People would like to be answered properly to their posts like jetster did. Not changing the topic about peoples riding abilities. I think if anyone has problems u do.
  4. five 0 was i asking anything in my question about being a good rider? stick to the post mate. i have seen the way u ride and i hope u dont classify yourself as one.
  5. anyone else please post your expieriences with superheads in the 88 modified class
  6. That might be the case in the 125 class because you have that much power flurishing anyway. There is probebly too much to handle as it is. But in a class where the engines arnt as powerfull dont you think it will help out alot more than a tb racehead. ?????
  7. also how much power would it make over a tb race head. the takegawa superhead.
  8. Is it possible to just buy a superhead for my 88cc kit without buying it as a whole big bore kit. If so where from oh and also at a reasonable price. superhead or superhead +R
  9. yes its worth it so hurry up and get one gumby. hahaha
  10. definatly the best stocker ive seen. Its even better than most modded 50s around.
  11. Correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure the hissing noise is your pod filter sucking air much faster than the airbox
  12. ATM i have a tb88 kit w/racehead and i am looking at purchasing a inner rotor. How much more does it improve your bottom end and acceleration. If in the future i went to a 108 kit would the inner rotor still be usefull. Thanks
  13. THanks five0 its definatly not a superhead and even if it was there couldnt be a huge difference in the head. Thats what i thourght an r stage stroker because you cant get a 106 kit without a superhead can u ( didnt think so) Thanks mate
  14. it really pulls from bottom to top alot more than mine as well.
  15. Hey guys I have a tb 88 w/race head and a m-6 exhaust. My mate has a crf50 that he bought off a guy with a tyakagawa big bore kit. The only thing is we are unsure of the size. (88, 106) It has a huge 26mm carb and runs the stock exhaust and seems as though it has heaps more torque than mine. (even with the huge carb.) it pops um monos in every gear without trying. This couldnt be an 88 kit could it????????? Thanks