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  1. jayroy

    any aussies?

    yep werribee vic.
  2. his name is blake williams his web site is www.bilko22.com have a look at some of his vid's and pics.some of his tricks are just nuts.
  3. I wish i could ride a sx track and make it look that easy lol.awesome vid
  4. jayroy

    double jump

    i think 15 to 20 feet.It's not that big if u look at that 60 feet pic
  5. jayroy

    85 video

    good work.
  6. i think i could ride that thing better then him.The jumps in his vid his wheels just come off the ground.but what can i say he is on a heavy 700
  7. jayroy

    Lets See Your Pitbike/Playbike Pics

    this is my bangerjust mucking around
  8. jayroy

    Pictures of everyones bikes.

    my pit bike
  9. jayroy

    pics of wr's

    thanks mate.
  10. jayroy

    pics of wr's

    hi blokes im only new hear so im not sure if this thread has been posted before.i just bought a new wr and im looking 4 a few ideas on how 2 pimp it up.
  11. jayroy

    Carmichael's ring?

    That ring is a piece of crap considering AMA is a multi million dollar corporation. After all RC has achieved in this sport personally I think it is a kick in the face!