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    what's the point of having a super motard

    My DRZ400SM is my second motard out of a dozen or so sportbikes/naked bikes that I've owned. Yes, in the tight stuff (ie: The Dragon, 129 at Deals Gap), the 1-liter sportbikes cannot shake me at all. While they can pull a bit in the straights, I gain it all back with late braking and incredible handling. Here in Michigan, we have alot of roads that are not very desirable to ride on (potholes, rough surfaces, roads that suddenly turn from paved to dirt, etc). I have found that I am riding down roads that I haven't ever been on because I would normally not want to take my sportbikes or cars down them. With the right tires, you can get the best of most worlds out of this bike (though I'd save the really tight singletracks and muddy trails for a full-on dirt bike).
  2. grtpmkn

    400S seat solution: no solution?

  3. grtpmkn

    DRZ400SM owner saying "hello"

    I haven't participated in any supermoto events or practices, but I have gone and watched them practice before. There are a few locations, but the one I'm familiar with is in Jackson, MI (Page Ave exit off of 127). They have practices on Sundays. Just do a search on Michigan Supermoto in Google and it'll give you the link to their site.
  4. Hello! The name's Scott and I've ridden mostly 4-strokes since I started riding at the age of 11. Started with a '74 Honda XR75 that I bought all by myself and progressed from there. Got into sportbikes at the age of 20 and have had an interesting selection of those as well with the most exotic being a Ducati 916. Now, at the age of 37 and with my two sons turning 7 and 9 next month, I'm looking at getting them a pair of DRZ's to start out and and figured that I should get myself another toy as well. Enter the used '05 DRZ400SM I purchased last week. I picked it up on my way out to Deal's Gap for 4 days of riding, so I got a pretty good feel for the bike and what it can do right off the bat. I previously owned a KTM Duke II and sorta missed what that bike was all about. I am also looking to do some dual-sporting/off-road as well (plan to buy a set of dirt wheels/tires in the future so that I can swap back and forth). The bike had 3100 miles on it and had many mods already done to it.....and for the price, I couldn't pass it up. Full Yoshimura titanium exhaust, Dynojet Stage 2 jet kit, 3x3 airbox mod, K&N air filter, Renthal Fatbars, Acerbis hand guards, IMS oversized gas tank, Baja Designs LED taillight, Shock Racing rear turn signals, D.I.D. gold o-ring chain and a new Dunlop tire for the rear. The stock gearing is 15/41 and is WAY too low for the street. 55-60mph gets quite buzzy and 70-75 it is screaming. I've talked with others and it looks like I'll be getting a 38T rear sprocket to make up for that. Your rear gets soar very quickly, too, but those are my only two complaints. Otherwise, it is a blast and the thing handles/brakes incredibly. You have to wring it out fairly hard to get the power out of it, but my other friends I rode with this past week (R1, Buell City-X and SV650) couldn't shake me in the tighter stuff.....only the wide open curves and straight they would start pulling away. Even after all of the hard riding we did down there and with too short of gearing, I still pulled 65-70mpg!!!! I couldn't believe it considering I had read alot of people getting 50-60 average. Overall, I am pretty happy with it and plan to do a few more mods myself. I also looks nice parked next to the SV1000;)
  5. grtpmkn

    My new ride!!!

    LOVE the retro Yamaha colors/graphics!!! From the smile on your face, I can tell you are quite happy with your purchase. Have fun on 'er!
  6. grtpmkn

    Ford Field Supercross Mar 25

    Our tickets were $22 each for adults, $12 each for children through the box office there at Ford Field. I thought the view was great as well for the cheaper seats.
  7. Note to anyone buying tickets in the future: The box office at Ford Field only has a $2 surcharge vs. Ticketmaster's $6.00 or $6.50 or whatever it was. It was super easy to get tickets, no wait, lines, nothing and this was at 5:00 on race day.
  8. Minus the lack of access in the pits, I actually enjoyed everything MORE than I did at the Silverdome. Yes, prices are up a bit, but nothing ever stays the same. To "ban" it and not go is kinda goofy to me. The only person I'd be hurting would be myself by missing out on a pretty good time (TV just can't capture the sounds/excitement of being there in person).
  9. grtpmkn

    Ford Field Supercross Mar 25

    We went (myself, wife and two boys 6 & 8) and had a blast! We bought tickets at the last minute at Ford Field's box office. There was no wait and there "service fee" was only 2 dollars instead of Ticketmaster's ripoff. We parked behind the Hockeytown Cafe and were out of there in no time flat (compared to the usual 1 hour wait to get out of the Silverdome lot). As far as the racing goes, it was really good. Love the Reed/Carmichael battle for 2 in the main and the Tyler Evans LCQ action was classic. I was bummed that Nick Wey was having such a hard time, but he still ended up in 5th in the main, so I guess that wasn't half bad. Scott